Lessons in Magic: The Bookish Box

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May 2020 The Bookish Box: Lessons in Magic.

What the Box contains:

  • Patronus Candle by The Bookish Shop
  • Book Sleeve by @in.the.reads
  • Divination Sticker by @paperbackbones
  • Bookmark by @alchemyandink
  • Monthly Shirt by @dropandgivemenerdy
  • Art Prints by @paperbackbones
  • Enamel Keychain by @mandrakeofthemonthclub
  • Magnet by The Bookish Shop
  • Enamel Pin by @forensicsandflowers

Bookmark: From Dawn till dusk, you will be lucky in everything you attempt. – Half Blood Prince

Things I’ll use: All of this is going in their proper place. I will be using all of it in some form. I think that my favorite thing in this box is the book sleeve. I really love it, since it is the Maurderer’s Map, and its so pretty. Also the book sleeve is so pretty too.

Book: None, but Premium did get a blanket. (I wasn’t signed up for premium tho).

This box is really cute. I really just wanted it because it was HP related. I don’t know much about The Bookish Box in general, but I do know that the things they ship are standard (monthly candle, pin, etc.) If you like what you see, check them out!

Until Next Time Voidfriends. Keep masks on if you are outside, to protect yourself and others. Please, please, please. Be safe and help those around you.


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