November Teas

Sorry! I’ve had this box for weeks and I have been MAJORLY slacking on pretty much everything. Because of this, I am just not doing anything. Like this is a major slump these last few months for the site. Thank you all who stuck with it and those who for some reason keep showing up, I guess. It’s been rough. I’m just ugh. 2021, I’m looking forward to you!

Month: November 2020

Berry Blend by OTeas

This team is made from Hibiscus, Currants, Raisins, Flavor, Elderberries, Raspberry Fruit Granulate, Natural Flavor, Red Currants, and Black Currants


For some reason these specific bags always work out badly for me, the string gets glued to the bag and then rips but this time, it became fully broken. Whoops.

Eitherway, It is a very strong fruit tea. If you want berry. This is for you. The flavors are nice together but it just is not for me. haha. We are off to a rough start already.

This tea is caffeine-free.

Rating: 3/5

Coconut Cocoa by The Republic of Tea

This tea is made from Roasted Carob, Roasted Chicory, Dates, Coconut Flavor, Cocoa Powder, and Natural Chocolate Flavor.

If I liked coconut and chocolate teas this would be one I’d like. I also don’t know if it’s because I’ve been pushed with so many that I am starting to enjoy them. IDK. All I know is that I didn’t hate this tea. It still was not something I’d go out of my way to drink. But it wasn’t bad.

Lol watch as I had this before and I was like I HATE IT. And now I’m like, meh, to it. If that is the case, tastes change soooo it can happen.

This tea has very low levels of caffeine.

Rating: 3/5

Lion’s Mane Rhodiola by Teeccino

This tea is made from Roasted Organic Carob Pods, Organic Chicory Root, Organic Barley, Dates, Organic Rose Petals, Rhodiola Root, Organic Lion’s Mane Extract, Organic Figs, and Organic Rose Flavor,

LOL no.

I suppose that’s not enough to say, but I really can’t explain how much I do not like this tea. Its smell alone made me go NOPE. I think its the roasted smell. Makes me think of coffee and that makes me sick. SOOOO lol. No.

This tea is caffeine-free.

Rating: 1/5

Tulsi Peppermint by Organic India

This tea is made from Organic Peppermint, Organic Krishna Tulsi, Organic Rama Tulsi, and Organic Vana Tulsi.

NOW, I swear. I swear that I got this tea as a mistake before. Or that I got it before in a box. I don’t remember when, but when I saw it and read the name it sparked a memory. The taste did too, so there is that. For the life of me I can’t remember when it would have happened, however. I know it was in the most recent months but not exactly when.

I still love it, either way. And from the other teas in this box, it was boosted in taste. LOL is it the best mint tea I’ve had? Probably not. Do I still like it better than everything else? Yes.

This tea is caffeine-free.

Rating: 4/5

What a miss of a box. I wasn’t expecting anything special with this box. I really wasn’t, but I wasn’t expecting… This. like wow. I really did not like so many of the teas here. WOW.


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