Written in the Stars: Owl Crate

Hello! Hello! Alright. Let’s kick September off right! You may be wondering where I was for the last month? The answer is, not doing so well tbh. However! September is a new month. It is a month of surprises and many good feelings. Thus for this month, you are probably going to get one book box a week as I finally catch up on posts. It’s not that I didn’t want to post them, but that, after a bit, it was just easier to post book reviews. I’ve had these sitting for a while, and by the time I get August FL, I’ll be getting September OC. Regardless, this month is going to be all about catching up on the things I haven’t done this year. Meaning the posts I haven’t posted here. That means a bunch of craft things, I haven’t gotten to. But! Enough about that!

August 2020 Owl Crate: Written in the Stars.

Oh! this book box, works so well with the Moon box we got a few months ago. (In theme at least) So let’s dive in! What did I get!

What the Box contains:

  • Star-shaped bottle with push pins by Team Owl Crate
  • Bandana by Fern and Ink inspired by Strange the Dreamer
  • Metal Star pen by Team Owl Crate
  • Book Sleeve by Quirky Cup Collective inspired by The Starless Sea
  • Clipboard designed by Daphna Sebbane inspired by Aurora Rising
  • Enamel pin designed by Band of Weirdos inspired by Star Daughter
  • Star Daughter by Shveta Thakrar

Things I’ll use: Pretty much all of this is nothing I will use. The pin will go to the pin flag and my book sleeve with my others, however everything else? Not really. However is it pretty? 100%. Thus I will find some reason or way to use it all. I think this stuff really matches with the moon theme that the book box had before. However, I adored that box more than I like this one.

Book: This is such a beautiful book, I can’t. The colors, the sprayed edges, everything about it is so wonderful. I, unfortunately, have no idea when I will get to actually reading this book. My TBR is a monster that keeps growing no matter how much I try to read and read as much as I can. Although, granted, I failed my NEWTs. If I had passed, I probably would have gotten through so many more books. It is what it is, and I’ll read this book one day!

The FL boxes will come at you next week and the week after. (OC September will probably come at the end of the month, tbh). August Teas are coming at you next, along with probably, a short story or introspection or something. It’ll be a surprise for you, not for me at least. September starts off right! Let’s do this!

See you in the next one,


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