Vampire Academy Series Review

Vampire Academy Series Review

Alright, so I said this was coming out last week. And then I didn’t post it. I bet you are all like. What happened. Life happened and I didn’t have the time to review and finish the review. It is for that reason that it is coming to you now a week later. I’m sorry about that. It is what it is however, and I would rather it was a good review than something placed together last minute. So, here you go!

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August Teas

Hello, hello! I know that it’s odd for me to post my tea boxes late, however, I decided to have an un interrupted stream of book reviews last month. Also, I know it’s weird that it’s not on a Tuesday that this is coming to you. That’s because I did not want to overwhelm you yesterday, with more posts. It’s going to be a lot for the next few weeks, as I catch up on things. Thanks for being there everyone! Now! Into tea!

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Written in the Stars: Owl Crate

Hello! Hello! Alright. Let’s kick September off right! You may be wondering where I was for the last month? The answer is, not doing so well tbh. However! September is a new month. It is a month of surprises and many good feelings. Thus for this month, you are probably going to get one book box a week as I finally catch up on posts. It’s not that I didn’t want to post them, but that, after a bit, it was just easier to post book reviews. I’ve had these sitting for a while, and by the time I get August FL, I’ll be getting September OC. Regardless, this month is going to be all about catching up on the things I haven’t done this year. Meaning the posts I haven’t posted here. That means a bunch of craft things, I haven’t gotten to. But! Enough about that!

August 2020 Owl Crate: Written in the Stars.

Oh! this book box, works so well with the Moon box we got a few months ago. (In theme at least) So let’s dive in! What did I get!

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