All The Worlds A Stage: OwlCrate

Alright! Box two for today! OwlCrate!

June 2020 OwlCrate: All The Worlds a Stage.

This box is really interesting in terms of concept for the box. I was super excited for getting this box. So here we go!

What the Box contains:

  • Pencil Holder/Coin Bank inspired by The Night Circus and designed by Forensics and Flowers
  • Shower steamer created by Whipped Up Wonderful, inspired by Ace of Shades
  • Coffee made by Bones Coffee Company inspired by Cirque du Freak
  • Habit Tracker designed by @paperbackbones inspired by The Greatest Showman
  • Shakespearean Pencil Set created by OwlCrate, inspired by Shakespeare plays
  • Enamel Pin by Blissfully Bookish Co inspired by Where Dreams Descend.
  • Decal Stickers inspired by Where Dreams Descend
  • Where Dreams Descend by Janella Angeles. Signed, naked hardcover with foil design.

Coin Tin: Le Cirque Des Rêves opens at nightfall. Closes at dawn.
Pencils: (Black) These violent delights have violent ends. (Silver) I burn, I pine, I perish. (Purple) To thine own self be true. (Red) All the world’s a stage.
Sticker 1: I am not powerless.
Sticker 2: Where Dreams Descend.

Things I’ll use: I’ve never used a shower steamer before and this one smells like coffee so it’s giving me a little bit of a headache, but maybe I’ll feel different after a shower. Not sure. We’ll see. Pin goes on my pin flag. The coin bank is actually really for spare change. I might put it in my car. Stickers went in my quote book and then we have this book.

Things I won’t use: The coffee, lol. I don’t like coffee. So I’m giving it to my friend, actually. The habit tracker, while cool, is just not that great when compared to my bullet journal. I actually, however, can think of things to use it in the future. For living and stuff. But not for right now. So, it’s going here. I can’t bring myself to use the pencils at this time, but maybe when I use the habit tracker. They are just so nice lol.

Book: This. Book. Is. Gorgeous. My goodness. I love naked hard covers. Love them. So this book is just so perfect for me. When compared to the actual hard cover’s dust jacket, I like this one better. This concept is really interesting to me. I really hope I can get to this book sooner than later because of how interesting it is. I’m going to die if this is a series, however, and I can’t get the rest of the series in naked hard cover. LOL

Alright one more book box to go! Hurray! I did like this box, but I really love the book more than anything else in the box. Onwards!


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