The Negotiator Trilogy Reread

Alright, here we go.

APRIL: The one series I read for OWLS. It took me a long time to get to reread this series, to be honest. I’ve had it on my shelf for the longest time just starring at me. Anyway, expect more April Book reviews for the next few weeks. And then May will fall after that. I have plans to read only classics (no reviews) in June. So hopefully I’ll read enough next month to make up for June.

MAY: So I didn’t finish these three books in April. I had tried but it didn’t work out, which is fine. I have the last two to read, and I figure I can get them done quick.

MAY Update: I got these two done, hooray! After not reading much of anything for May, book wise, this is amazing. Alright.

As always, as we dive in. This is the first book link, second book link, and third book link.

Thoughts Before:

I remember reading these books as a kid. I say kid. I mean kid. I read them in middle school, if I’m right. Which… probably will shock some people because they are most definitely adult books. I didn’t care much for them when I was younger, and I’m not sure I ever finished the third book. I have had all three forever, and its really only now that I decided to revisit this world. I have no idea what I am getting into, outside of the fact that it is a paranormal romance. I completely spaced that this series was called The Negotiator Trilogy until, basically, right now. HAHAHA. I have some low expectations going forward here. Best of luck to me, I suppose.

Thoughts After:

Heart of Stone (Book 1): WOW. So there was a lot more adult humor than I remembered. Which makes sense, because I was a kid who read it and 100% didn’t understand some of it. For that reason alone this book is rated higher than I think it would have been otherwise, for me. Two, the MC is mixed race (half black, half white). Color me surprised when I read that, because for the longest time, I had never really thought I’d read a POC MC until at least late HS. I knew there was a reason this book was so dear to me, but I couldn’t place why. I think I now know. Also the MC was a lawyer, and this was during my Lawyer or Doctor phase in Middle School. It was a good book, more mystery than romance. I did remember a few of the twists too. The details for this series are slowly coming back to me, which is excellent. Watch as it turns out I really did read all three, and I just forgot. lol

House of Cards (Book 2): Oh wowowow so much happened so fast. The Selkies and Djinn in together? Got me. I really like Janx and Diasani actually. Alban is interesting and I do hope we get more on The three’s relationship in book three. One last book to wrap whatever this is, up. And surprisingly new rules have been made. New alliances. I’m here for it. However, I did note that I most certainly did not read this book. I know I didn’t because too many things happened that I was not ready for. I really did like reading this book.

Hands of Flame (Book 3): I have a lot more questions than answers I think. The whole middle section for the trial? That was a lot of fun. Finding the sisters? That was cool. The djinn starting another war, not so cool. In general I feel like this book sets up so much more about the world that I just don’t get answers to. There are things I want to know more about (vampires and dragons) and I just never got those answers. There is also no other series in this world, I think? There are novellas, but none in this world, pretty sure. However as a book I do think it wraps up this trilogy nicely. All of the major problems of the series, conflict wise, are wrapped up and that is, in some ways, enough for me.


“Your people are good at ignoring things they don’t want to see.” – pg 415, Heart of Stone

This series, it turns out, I only really read the first book for. That’s not bad. I just thought I’d also read the second. I did not. I did like it. I’m not sure I’d reread it, but it wasn’t horrible. I do recommend if you like interesting paranormal romances with mysteries.

This is the only review, of sorts, that you will get today. Coming to you soon will be all the other posts that I owe you as it’s the 1st.

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