Limited Edition/Collector’s Edition FairyLoot Box: The Queen of Nothing


Not gonna lie, I got the notification that I was going to have to sign for it but never got the notification that it had been shipped to begin with. When I got the box I started freaking out, because this limited edition version is everything and nothing all at the same time. Nothing, because I already read the book. Everything because I have been waiting forever for it!

If you haven’t seen my review for the book. It is here. The series is here.

Without wasting more time! Let’s see this box!

The Limited Edition/Collector’s Edition FairyLoot Box for The Queen of Nothing. (November 2019)

What the Box contains:

  • Cardan and Jude Mug with artwork by @monolimeart
  • Woodland Book Sleeve designed by @stellabooishart
  • Elfhame Enamel Pin designed by @dustandpages
  • Wooden Bookmark with artwork by @monolimeart and lettering design by @stellabookishart.
  • Reading Blanket with art by @arz28
  • Art Print by @merwildandco
  • Special Edition of The Queen of Nothing

– Pin: I left my heart in Elfhame.
– Bookmark: If you’re the sickness I suppose you can’t also be the cure.
– Book Sleeve: If I cannot be better than them, I will become much worse.

Things I’ll use: The Blanket! I died when I saw it. Okay no. I started crying. The pin will go on my flag and the print with my collection. Book sleeve, I’ll use. Bookmark will go with my other bookmarks. The mug is going with my collection! This selection of items is perfection and I want to do nothing but to cry.


My bed is a full

Things I probably won’t use: None.

Book: I’m not going to be reading this book, because I’ve already read it. However, I will do a side by side for you all. Here you go.

So let’s talk differences:

HAHAHA It didn’t want to load, so go to the link:

I am honestly surprised by the quotes they ended up using for the book. I was expecting some of the quotes I had used in my review to be used for quotes. I know that the internet went crazy on the letters to Jude. Yet not much was used quote wise. I did love the art of my loves, however, so there is that.

As a note, I will say that we only got seven things. But one of them is a blanket and a mug. This is perfect for reading and no one can tell me otherwise. Now all I need are the CP and WK collector’s editions. Then life will be great.

Until Next Time,


Transcription for Video:

Okay. So this is the original cover. This is the Barnes & Noble cover. And this is the collector’s edition. So you can see that these two are the same (Original and B&N) just the inverse. As always, when I have The Cruel Prince and The Wicked King [in the collector’s edition], I will do the same thing. But in general, comparatively from the original cover to the Barnes & Noble, it’s always just a black version rather than the original light colored. So, we’ll go in. Let’s start with this one (Original). White (inside), Black cover (cover. There is also a silver snake on the hardcover behind the dust jacket. The spine of the book is also black, with silver writing.) And… There is a map, here. (About four pages in). Alright, so… Two (B&N). Light covered. (White inside and white cover behind the dust jacket. Silver snake and silver writing.) Same thing. The other one was black with a silver snake [and this one is white with a silver snake.] And then if we — Oh, this one is also signed, the Barnes & Noble, but I don’t know how long those ones are going to last. And map (also about four pages in).

Alright, and then for the last one. Now, before I go into this one I’m going to talk about how — this is the spine, this is the back, front, pages, yeah. (shows the spine, back, front and pages for original cover.) And then the same thing for the back. (shows the spine, back, and front for B&N cover.) You’ll notice that this color is gold, nothing else really special. Different colored snakes. The quotes are the same on both sides (i.e. both back covers for B&N and Original). Okay, so now we go into this one. So first off we have a silver snake. Different design than these two were. The green background. We have the crown right here, if you can see it. Berries, which are actually on this cover (B&N) right there and there (Original). So it’s all like the same elements, just in a different way. (shows spine) Different font. Which is also because this is the UK Edition in a way. These are both American (Original and B&N). So then this is my favorite part. So we see the snake, body of the snake, tail of the snake, head, head, and then we go back to the tail. So it’s a full, like, thing. And then the back is the same as the front, just mirrored. Red inside. This is the signed card that I got. And… There we go: map (about four pages in).

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