Love at First Bite: FairyLoot Box

We begin November with the box from October. I think I’m just going to have to accept that I will get my boxes the first week of the next month instead at the end of the previous month. It’s actually kind of sad, because I used to get my Tea box, FairyLoot Box, and Unicorn Crate all around the same time. Now I do not. ANYWAY.

Limited edition box for QoN should come in soon. The book drops on the 19th. I will be getting a Unicorn Crate for Nov too. I got the shipping notification for the Girls of Storm and Shadow. I also need to order the books for the December of Dragons. I’m super excited for December’s Fairyloot box that will have two books! This is going to be an epic next few months. Enough about that? No?

FairyLoot Box: Love At First Bite (October 2019)

What the Box contains:

  • a waterproofed Book Sleeve with art by @noverantale and a quote from Dracula by Bram Stoker (“There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights. The lights of all lights.”)
  • Beanie with art by @kdpletters, it reads “Bite Me.”
  • A four set of coasters designed by
  • Candle by @themeltinglibrary inspired by Interview with A Vampire by Anne Rice. (“That morning I was not yet a vampire, and I saw my last sunrise. I remember it completely yet I do not think I remember any other sunrise before it.”)
  • A bat enamel pin designed by @taratjah
  • A sticker with a Twilight (by Stephenie Meyer) quote designed by @catarinabookdesigns. (“I like the night. Without the dark we’d never see the stars.”)
  • vampire art print by @monolimeart
  • Tarot cards: The Hierophant and Two of Cups –> with this I think we are done with Major Arcana.
  • Standard book art + letter and bookmark
  • Book: The Beautiful by Renée Ahdieh with sprayed edges, artwork on the reverse cover (by @merwildandco), signed. Also comes with an art print for the map by @kat_adara.

Things I’ll use: The sticker will go into my quote book. The pin to my pin flag. The book sleeve… My brother saw it and he told me I should add straps to it or I’d be a fool, because it is a really good bag in the making, and he’s not wrong. The beanie will get wear from me. The coasters are so beautiful, and I will maybe use them in my personal library one day. Tarot cards go with the others.

Things I probably won’t use: For now, the Candle. It smells so frickin good, but as we know I can not use scents because of my father. As such, it will have to sit aside for now.

Book: Lets talk, The Beautiful. At the time of receiving this book, I had already read it. I was having a pretty rough October and I went out and bought a few books. Ninth House and The Beautiful were two of the ones I bought. I should have known that The Beautiful would be the book this month. My review for the book will drop next week, probs, with Ninth House. Am I angry that I have this book in two copies? No. I did enjoy the book. I simply think it’ll be entertaining for you, because I can compare the two.

So let’s talk differences:

Image on the Retail Book:

What else to say, what else to say. Honestly I do not have anything, really. I am existing in this state of, happiness that I got a new book box, but sorrow that I’ve already read the book. Or should I be happy, because then I don’t have to stress about reading it for November? Who knows.


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