Redwall Series Reading Times

The following is a list of my total reading times for the Redwall Series. I decided on a whim months ago that I wanted to reread the series, and now I have finally begun my path to do so. Below I have listed the order of my reading.

Important to note that technically, this series has two orders: chronological by timeline, chronological by publication. I chose to read in chronological by timeline, after the first two books. I did this because: nostalgia. Redwall and Mattimeo were the first two books from the series I read (in order obviously) and I had to reread them in order, then the rest of the series by timeline.

Thoughts Before:

When starting this, I had these fond little memories that replayed in my head of this series over and over again. This is the series I read as a child when mysteries and horror novels were boring me. In many ways, this was my first fantasy series I read all on my own. I have loved this series ever since. A part of me is scared that the series will lose its magic. However, I want to see it through.

Thoughts After:

Has the series lost its magic? No. I feel in some ways I understand these books better, remember all the details instead of moments of nostalgia. It was the fear of losing this that led me to take a massive breaks. Reading them came easily.

In a perfect world, this would be a series I collect editions for (mass paperback, the taller paper backs, hard covers). Alas, that’s a dream for a world where I have that sort of money to spend.

Note that I have “Breaks” here. These are estimates. I forgot the exact amount of time between when I took breaks. However, I will be able to know about when I started, as well as when I end for a better true total count at the end.

When I finally finished this, I felt very accomplished, especially with how long it took me to finally read all the books. I’m so happy that I reread this series and I got a few quotes to add to my book of quotes from these books. This was nice.

The nostalgia has stuck itself to me for these books and forever will. After all, its the first real fantasy that I can remember reading.


Redwall (Reading Day 1) 2hr

18 day break

Mattimeo (Reading Day 2) 1hr 40min

15 day break

Lord Brocktree (Reading Day 3) 1hr 36min

Martin the Warrior (Reading Day 3) 1hr 42min

Mossflower (Reading Day 4) 2hr 10min

The Legend of Luke (Reading Day 4) 1hr 40min

Outcast of Redwall (Reading Day 5) 1hr 20min

40 day break

Mariel of Redwall (Reading Day 6) 1hr 20min

The Bellmaker (Reading Day 6) 1hr 28min

30 Day Break

Salamandastron (Reading Day 7) 1hr 10min

The Pearls of Lutra (Reading Day 8) 1hr 40min

The Long Patrol (Reading Day 9) 1hr 16min

35 Day Break

Marlfox (Reading Day 10) 1hr 54min

The Taggerung (Reading Day 10) 1hr 35min

Triss (Reading Day 11) 1hr 40min

Loamhedge (Reading Day 12) 1hr 15min

Rakkety Tam (Reading Day 13) 2hr 6min

High Rhulain (Reading Day 15) 1hr 52min

Eulalia! (Reading Day 14) 1hr 36min

Doomwyte (Reading Day 16) 1hr 24min

The Sable Quean (Reading Day 16) 1hr 30min

The Rogue Crew (Reading Day 16) 1hr 43min

TOTAL TIME TAKEN: 35hrs 37min


TOTAL READING TIME: Nine Months, 16 Days, 35hrs 37min

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