The Missing Series Reading Times

Hello everyone! This is the second series I read for September. The following are my thoughts and the reading times for it. It was a fun read in general.

Have you ever looked at your book covers for a series and been like, “why are all these different?” That’s the thought I had today. The first book is hard cover, original cover. The second is paperback original cover. The third through eighth are paperback, second cover. So they all match and technically one and two match, but I have seven paperbacks, one hard cover, and it just all looks so aesthetically wrong. (Not as wrong as my Darren Shan collection for The Saga of Darren Shan/Cirque Du Freak Series, but still wrong).

Thoughts Before:

So, I read the first book of this series and never got to the rest of the series. I remember being supremely interested in this series, but being unable to finish – mostly because the others weren’t out yet. Or I simply did not have them. I do now!

Fun fact, however, I have read a lot about this series so I know a lot of the twists and reveals before they happen. If anyone wants a synopsis of what this series is, feel free to ask. Otherwise, I’m not giving book reviews.

In general, I’m excited for this series and to finally get to them. The books are most certainly middle grade, and, in terms of their fonts size, short. These will be easy reads, which is super nice.

Thoughts After:

Not going to lie, when I started the first book I had only remembered the last twenty pages. I remembered that fight in time so vividly for years, that when I started the series back up, it was all I could think of. Who knew that it was so far at the back of the book? It’s not surprising, no, but I was shocked to find that I had forgotten so much more. When I started reading book two I knew I had read it too. It made me wonder if I had read the rest of the series and actually had forgotten I had. Regardless, the remainder of the series was good. It went in a different direction than I was expecting, but that’s a good thing. I think… probably.

I like it. It was worth the completion read, for me. It was fun and entertaining in general and a good book series as long as you like time travel.


Found (Reading Day 1) 46min

Sent (Reading Day 1) 47 min

Sabotaged (Day 2) 35min

Torn (Day 3) 40min

Caught (Day 4) 37min

Risked (Day 4) 42min

Revealed (Day 5) 1hr 15min

Redeemed (Day 6) 1hr 7min

TOTAL TIME TAKEN: 6 Days 6hrs 29min


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