The Bookish Box: Limited Edition Five Dark Fates

I… was an idiot. Well… sorta. I have zero regrets buying this box, but I def missed that it had shipped and so when I saw it sitting waiting for me, the confusion was real. I forgot that I bought it! Since, you know, I bought this in May. I was so confused, I wondered if it was sent to the right place… Then I checked my email.

I’m an idiot.

ANYWAY, this is a Limited Edition, First Edition, Book Box. That means everything in this box is somehow related to the book within and the series that it comes from. In this case: Five Dark Fates (which is from the Three Dark Crowns Series). My next limited edition will be in November with the Queen of Nothing box from Fairyloot. I won’t forget that one because I am so hyped for that book.

Without further ado.

Limited Edition The Bookish Box: Five Dark Fates Box

What the Box contains:

  • Signed first edition of Five Dark Fates by Kendare Blake
  • Exclusive dust jacket set by Artist Sandra Winther (One is on the books, and then I got all the others rolled up as well)
  • Poster size tapestry: Illustrated by Drop and Give me Nerdy
  • Crown Necklace
  • Billy Woodmark
  • Arsinoe Candle
  • Shirt
  • Throw Pillowcase

What things say:
Pillowcase: No matter how far I go, I’m still your person.
Shirt: No one really wishes to be queen.
Woodmark: I want revenge and then I want my crown.
Tapestry: Three dark queens/are born in a glen/Sweet little triplets/will never be friends/Three dark sisters/all fair to be seen/Two to devour/and one to be queen.

Things I’ll use: That pillowcase is going with all the others. One day when I have an actual library and reading room, they will go there. The T-shirt will probably become another lazy day shirt. The tapestry, I have no freaking clue but its lovely. Woodmark is going with my other bookmarks. I need to find a way to display or protect these posters. Damn. Crown Necklace? Well I don’t wear necklaces as it is, so I suppose this will go with the others. I feel like I need a display for them. HAHA

Things I probably won’t use: Candle, like always. Until I move out, they are on lock. Too bad that this is the most autumn, Autumn candle I have ever gotten and I want to burn it so bad.

Book: Okay so hear me out. I have not read this series yet. I had thought, in May, that I would read this series by now. It was on my list of books to buy from day one this year. Life doesn’t work in that way, however, so I still have not read it. If between now and October, I get all the books in the series, then I will read it. Otherwise, its going on my TBR. In general, all four of the exclusive book cover art, I’m probably going to keep off my book and put into safer keeping.

Posters/ Covers/Extra Dust Jackets: Sorry for any color distortion. I didn’t bother to fix that.

This box was a lovely surprise and all the items in it are so beautiful. This is my first Limited Edition Box and I can say, I’m super happy with it. I can’t wait to get other ones in the future.

Until Next Time,


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