The Bookish Box: Limited Edition Five Dark Fates

I… was an idiot. Well… sorta. I have zero regrets buying this box, but I def missed that it had shipped and so when I saw it sitting waiting for me, the confusion was real. I forgot that I bought it! Since, you know, I bought this in May. I was so confused, I wondered if it was sent to the right place… Then I checked my email.

I’m an idiot.

ANYWAY, this is a Limited Edition, First Edition, Book Box. That means everything in this box is somehow related to the book within and the series that it comes from. In this case: Five Dark Fates (which is from the Three Dark Crowns Series). My next limited edition will be in November with the Queen of Nothing box from Fairyloot. I won’t forget that one because I am so hyped for that book.

Without further ado.

Limited Edition The Bookish Box: Five Dark Fates Box

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