More Book Challenges

To be honest I need to look into these next year at the start of the year, because then it would be a bit more fun. I have found a total of 5 (count them 5) new reading challenges! To add onto my OWL one for the year of 2019. These are full year reading challenges and as such, a bit easier to manage.

The first is the 2019 Golden Trio Reading Challenge based on HP. Since no one ever particularly cares if I write everything out or not, I will do a separate post for my plan for this challenge. Probably. We will see.

The next is one I’m going to be planning for myself in December called the December Dragon Reading Challenge (Dreaming December Dragon? Dancing December Dragon? Daring December Dragon? December Dragon Dancing? I need something but I think I have an idea). Essentially, I’m going to find and collect all the books on my TBF (to be found/bought) list to make them into a TBR for December. I’ll make it an official thing, if anyone else wants to join with prompts and rules and stuff, otherwise it’ll just be me binging Dragon books for a month. I’m still working it out but I have a lot of Dragon books I need to get through. (On this same note I’m interested in making a 2020 Alice Themed Reading Challenge for myself. We will see if I do)

The 2019 Finishing the Series Reading Challenge. I think this one is only appropriate with as many books series I read that I have not completed. The difficult part to this, however, is that the book series had to have been started pre2019. This may be a little difficult for me as I’m thinking about it and I might drop it if I can’t find enough series to complete that I started back before 2019. I’ll keep you posted.

The 2019 You Read How Many Books challenge. This is easy because I can continuously move up in rankings (but not down) and thus I can declare what I’m aiming for and where I’ll be. My current status (without April) is 24. If I complete the OWL reading challenge (As I’m scheduled to) then I’ll be at least at 16 more so 40. Thus my current goal is Middle Grade – 78 books. That’s 38 from where I am now and a bit of a challenge, tbh rn with my TBR pile being so small. However I have the other challenges to hold myself to, plus Dragon December. Don’t I? And with the fact that we are 4 months in and 40 books read, if I continue on that train I’d be 120 by the end of the year ( I won’t but it’s a pretty and lofty goal that I am not putting on this challenge. Not yet.)

Then I have the Dancing with Fantasy and Sci-Fi challenge. This one may also be a bit difficult (I really don’t know if people are supposed to do this many challenges, but I get bored so…) if I hold myself to the count and only start counting my books starting this month and not using all of 2019. However this is a full year challenge and so if I start RN in April, I can finish it 2020 in March (Instead of 2019 December) and for that reason I’m okay with doing it. Chances are, I’ll just count all the books I’ve read since January and see if they fit anywhere.

As I said above I will post all the TBR lists and details later. Probably in May, as that is when I’ll probably start most of them (or immediately after I finish my OWLS I’ll start filling in all the details.)

As for this week, don’t expect a post for Tropes. I’ll resume that… Probably in May once I have a lack of content to post. Otherwise, thanks for sticking with me!


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