100th Post Celebration

Here we are at 100 posts. A long way from Last September when I started this blog. Thank You all for being here and having stuck with me! I suppose its time to do some 100 post celebratory statistics!

In truth. I find a sort of interest in how these stats have been increasing together. At some point Insta will overtake my blog, but for now it’s nice. The fact, however, that we have 50 followers at the same time as 100 posts makes me happy.


  • Posts: 100
  • Reviews: 55
  • Followers: 50


  • Posts: 60
  • Followers: 47~49 (fluctuates daily)


  • Followers: 3


  • Book Boxes Received: 2
  • (Book) Cons attended: 1
  • Books Bought/Received: 102… so… enough (no but seriously, it’s a lot. My friends were like. Here. I don’t need books anymore.)

In other news~ I finished my OWLs. I’ll post the final reading times on the 1st.


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