Current Publications!

So, I assume, you are probably interested in what I have been doing. Well, schooling, to be short. Long answer: lots of school. Part of our school was the creating of a personal project and in order to assist my friends and peers, I submitted their literary magazine projects. Feel free to read those here:

SpaceLime Zine – Transmission Denied [Issue 1]
(Click on the link to the website and then go to Issue 1 if the second link does not work)

Open Space Literary Journal Like a Curse

Morii Zine – Spring Breeze; Green Grass

Not in the Mood Zine – Black Out Poetry from university emails
(This was a strike zine, and published with limited release)

I have one more project that I am waiting to drop. When that comes out, I will make a separate post for it. As it is rn, I’ve been waiting on these all to go live for a while and thus it feels strange waiting for the last one when the others are all out. Anyway! I am so proud to be a part of the majority of these projects.

A bit on the projects. Most of those zines above are zines (which means I did not get paid). For one of our classes we were asked to do an editing or publication project. I worked on my editing project and submitted work to a few other students to help them out and to provide work so that they could do editing projects. I think that they turned out well! I’m so proud of everyone.

I will see you soon with the last one!

Until Next Time,


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