Magic Unleashed: Owl Crate

Once Upon a time, I used to get these posts out like clock work. I think it will take me months to get back into the groove of that, but for now, here are two book boxes from last month.

FEBRUARY 2021 Owl Crate: Magic Unleashed

What the Box contains:

  • Red London Book Tin, inspired by A Darker Shade of Magic by Forensics and Flowers
  • Enamel Keychain inspired by Daughter of Smoke and Bone, created by Lively Ghosts
  • Hairbrush inspired by Star Daughter, made by Owlcrate
  • Zipper Pouch inspired by Legendbourn made by By Chenelle
  • Bath salts inspired by We Hunt the Flame created by The Soap Librarian
  • The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna
  • Enamel Pin by Icey Designs

Things I’ll use: Pretty much everything. I will say that the Book tin made me squeal. I love it so much. Now I’m going to have all the fake books on my book shelves. They are going to look so good. Actually I will not use the hairbrush, but it’s too pretty to give away, thus I’m keeping it even if it’s going to be for display.

Book: I already had this book as an arc, so I’m giving this copy to my friend. I should have read it by this point, but I have not. I feel bad about that but also not so much. I haven’t read like anything in the recent months, so I’m trying. I really am.

And now to the next post.


About the Text to Speech – The site I’ve been using is down. I’ll try to reupload these when it’s back up and okay.

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