A Glorious Haunting: Owlcrate

Alright last day of September! You are going to get this today and lots of updates tomorrow. I am slowly making my way through everything that has to be posted tomorrow, so hopefully it all comes out at the right time.

September 2020 Owlcrate: A Glorious Haunting.

What the Box contains:

  • Flannel Blanket with the full text of The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, designed by Michelle Gray
  • Skull spoons inspired by The Bone Houses
  • Lip balm inspired by Sleepy Hollow, designed by Fiction Bath Co.
  • Black Flame Candle inspired by Hocus Pocus, made by Novelly Yours
  • Enamel bookmark designed by Lapels and Spells
  • Enamel pin inspired by Horrid designed by The Pickety Witch
  • Horrid by Katrina Leno

Things I’ll use: Pretty much everything is right up my alley. I am, however, going to frame that blanket. My dad saw it and he said I had to frame it, because of how nice it is. So it’s going to get framed at some point next month. The book mark made me laugh. Everything goes to its spot.

Book: This book went right to my October TBR. October was for Vampires but I am reading a few other chilling stories, first thing. So this is going at the front of the TBR for next month. I might use it as a pallet cleanser between vampire series. No clue but its one of the few books I’ve gotten that is being jumped forward.

This box was nice. The candle and lip balm don’t really sit with me for the flavor, however I don’t hate them. I did like the box, but I do need to seriously decide if I’m going to keep the box for next iteration for renewals. We’ll see. Here is a bigger picture of the blanket.

Until Next Time,


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