Ruthless Gods Owl Crate Edition

Alright Voidfriends. I didn’t bother taking super pretty photos for this. Maybe I will later. I’m not sure, but for now here is the bare bones post of what this book looks like.

The pin came with the book. It says: betrayal serves itself. The pin is designed by Alchemy and Ink. The book quote says: darkness never works alone.

The under cover is black with the red words that say: king of moths / king of blood / king of horrors.

The dust jacket itself has art on the inside cover by Dri Gomez.

Alright some side by sides for Ruthless Gods and Wicked Saints. Ruthless Gods is like 2x the size of Wicked Saints, which could be good or bad. I’m hoping its good, and we get some more world building.

I kinda still dislike the spine pictures of the characters. They are so creepy. The rest of the spine is so beautiful too. I just don’t like the character photos being there. They will look great together once I actually read it. Probably in May.

Until Next Time,


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