Powerful Princesses: Unicorn Crate

So I had the largest panic yesterday. I was going through my shipping tracking for my FL box and it said already delivered. I freaked out because no, it had not been. And I’m here at 9pm writing this trying to figure out what I’m going to do and who I have to call and what to figure out. Anyway. I wake up this morning at try the tracking number I wrote down from my phone. It doesn’t work. And I’m like wut? I looked on my email to for the tracking number again. When I had searched it on my phone the wrong shipping came up first; it was the shipping from last month. Turns out I was just an idiot. It’ll be in today, or should be. If it is, I’ll post its content later tonight or tomorrow. Luckily I got this box, and I suppose that can be your content for today.

January 2020 Unicorn Crate: Powerful Princesses

I was really excited for this box when I saw the theme. Powerful Princesses? Also what it was said to include? I was so ready. And HYPE.

For anyone new, Unicorn Crate tends to have the best unknown reads, and for that reason I’m always hype for the books it ships to me. Let’s jump right in.

What the Box contains:

  • Book: Rogue Princess by B.R. Myers
  • Note and signed bookplate
  • Princess Leia wall scroll illustrated by My Beautiful Monsters, mybeautifulmonsters.com
  • Tote Bag with quote from Stain by A.G. Howard and illustration by Warm Tail.
  • 2020 calendar illustrated by A Woodland Fairy Tale awoodlandfairytale.etsy.com
  • “thingamabobs” coin purse (Inspired by Ariel and unicorns under the sea)
  • “Belle and her books” pocket mirror illustrated by Catarina Book Designs, catarinabookdesigns.wordpress.com
  • Merida inspired bookmark by SVG Designs x Unicorn Crate.

Tote: The best canvas has flaws and furrows… and tells a story of its own before the point is even added. – A.G. Howard, Stain
Bookmark: Our fate lives within us you only have to be brave enough to see it.

Things I’ll use: Tote is so freaking cute. I am reading Stain next month, so this bag gave me all the good vibes. The wall scroll is already hanging up. Bookmark is with my bookmarks. The calendar will go up whenever I find a pin for it. Merida is the princess I love just behind Ariel, and I love Leia so it was a triple hit for all the fun things in this box.

Things I won’t use: Coin purses I never use, but it’ll go with my other bags. I never use pocket mirrors either but it’s cute.

Book: As always, the Unicorn Crate book seems super interesting. I’m really excited to pick it up, but next month will be a little different for me, reading wise, so I’m not fully sure when it will be.

This box was lovely. The items are always common, yes, but the books make it up for me. Look out for my FL box coming soon!

Until Next Time,


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