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As I start up my reviews, I would like to note a few things for others to understand.

I have mentioned before that I read a lot. I also read quickly. I am able to read what most people would not be able to even fathom in a single day or night. This is to say my reading speeds may not seem normal to you, but I am reading. Slowing myself down actually makes me less inclined to read a book.

This is why I love reading plays and poetry, because they typically flow quickly.

This is also why if your YA book of 300 type set pages at a specific font for books takes me more than a few hours to read, chances are it hasn’t grabbed me. This does not happen often, if at all,  but it has.

Secondly, I read cover to cover. This means I like to read a book from start to finish and there are rare exceptions to this: text books, rereads, books that I love but are massive and taking time for me to read (exs: Lord of the Rings, The Night Angel Trilogy).

I am someone who likes to remain completely immersed in books, for good or for bad. Take that as you will. Here are some recent reading times for you in order to understand.

I read Brent Weeks’ The Night Angel Trilogy in 5 days, where I read the first book in two days and then last book in two days, but the middle book in one. These were not continuous reading hours, due to work more than because of the story. If I had the time to read them in one sitting, I would have.

The Endgame series by James Frey (3 books, plus  3 companions): 2 days, and I probably was reading other books in the same time and at the beach.

On Average:

1 to 2 hours for a book of poetry, depending on the poetry

1 to 4 hours for a play, depending on the play and it’s complexity.

1 to 4 hours for YA novels. Depends on the length, the complexity, and how much I like the characters.

I haven’t really read a lot of non-YA in a while so I  don’t have an average time for them. I know that I read The Night Angel Series in a week, but the last “adult” novel I read before that was Anne Rice’s Lives of the Mayfair Witches Trilogy (The Witching Hour, Lasher, Taltos) and I remember it taking me a week once I got through the beginning of The Witching Hour. (The beginning of the Witching Hour is rough.) I will try to keep an eye out for times, with this next set of novels.


My reviews will not be overly elaborate. I don’t feel that I can write beautiful and eloquent essays about every single book that I read. Instead I’ll write it with a sort of format.

  • Customary warning and all tags for the books
  • Name, Author (Obviously) and a picture
  • Short Synopsis from the book and Short Synopsis by me
  • Initial thoughts before reading
  • Initial thoughts after reading.
  • What I liked.
  • What I would have liked or changed
  • Why you should read.
  • Time Taken to read
  • Rating scale on a ?/5 rating
  • Notable Quotes:

I will be making a more eloquent version of this as a set page for reviews in the future. Thanks!

I think that will be it for now, and if formatting changes. I’ll let you all know. Thanks! Happy reading!


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