The Forgotten Girl Review

The Forgotten Girl Review

Alright! Here is your first review of the week. I have two more coming. Please keep in mind that I may be MIA for the next week, because I am going to France. I’m going to try to take some things to read with me, but there is no chance you will get them as reviews until I get back in March. Depending on how much I can read in the next three days, will determine what sort of book reviews you will get in the next few weeks.

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February TBR

Halloween is coming early this year as I start off on spooky books. This month, while selecting books, I sort of just pulled what seemed like interesting titles to me. Things I thought I might want to read. However, I know I won’t read all of these. I also know that I will want to read others.

Thus, this list is extremely tentative. In an attempt to get myself back into the love for reading. I’m opening my entire books shelf up to be picked from. I’m not going to limit myself because otherwise I’ll just sit and want to read something that I can’t because it wasn’t on my list to read.

Most of the time I pick the books I really want to read, and I did pick the ones that interested me, but who knows how much I’ll stick to this list.