2021 Wrap Up + 2022 Plans + January TBR

To be honest, this last year was ROUGH for this blog. I dropped by half of the views that I used to get. I was actually ramping up on everything and then it all fell flat in May when I just could not motivate myself. It kinda sucks but also at the same time, I did get into gradschool, so there is that. In general, I want to do better next year. So thank you guys for sticking with me!

I got more followers! Woo

I got into grad school!

I read more books this year that i was able to take off my TBR

Somehow that TBR got even bigger lol.

I continued bullet journalling.

It was a terrible year, but also a good year. Here is to hoping that 2022 is great! And you know what? I’m ready for that.

Usually, I would give you my TBR, but as you have seen from the last 6+ months, that hasn’t been a thing. As such this is my plan for 2022.

To do all the things I promised you in 2021, but to actually do them.

This means new site, and the likes. 2021 just took me out half way though the year and I’m sorry about that but I think that things are picking up. As such! Here is to 2022. See you more next year!

Until Next Hour,


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