The Wizarding Vault Box

Hello, Hello Voidfriends,

So I was… bored. Can you really blame me? I had nothing to do BUT order copious amounts of book boxes that I had no business buying. You should have stopped me. I was not stopped. EITHER WAY. I decided to try out the Wizarding Vault Box, because I’ve seen it so many times on YT. I got five items. All were really nice, actually but here are my thoughts.

What the Box Contained:

  • Harry Potter Earrings
  • Set of Slytherin Socks (5 pairs)
  • Slytherin Bracelets (4)
  • Slytherin Themed Candle
  • Lumos Maxima mug

What I will use:

THE SOCKS. I LOVE THEM. I’m not sure I will use the bracelets but they are cute. I have also used the mug so many times already. It is only able to sit 8OZ comfortably, so I won’t use it often, but it is cute. You know I won’t use the candle, but it is precious and I love it and maybe one day I’ll be able to use it. As for the earrings, I’m sending them to my friend. Here is a picture of the most Slytherin image possible.

And then just the mug


Honestly, this box was expensive. I got about $100 worth of items for about $90. If you ask me, which most people aren’t, it’s not that great of a deal. It’s def not making me stay a subscriber. I got some awesome stuff, this is true. I actually REALLY LOVED everything I got. However, I don’t think I will be getting this box again, unless I really had the amount of free spending money for it (spoiler: I don’t). Maybe in a perfect world, but this is not that world.

One more box coming your way. I adore you all.

Until Next Time,


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