OWL Reading List (April TBR)

WAH! Another year. Another Magical Readathon. Here is my OWLs List. I am kind of bending the rules again this time, with a few of the prompts, but not by much. Anyway, to begin with I should let you know what the Magical Readathon is, and the OWLS.

OWLs are the Ordinary Wizarding Level Examinations from the 5th year at Hogwarts (Harry Potter). Students take the exams in order to qualify for the classes that they need to take their 6th and 7th years, so that they can get into their chosen careers. The OWL readathon is a part of the Magical Readathon.

You can go here, for more on the readathon, the 2019 just goes into the OWLs a bit more than this current year. Here for information on this year. Here on the prompt list. And here for the career books.

Essentially how this works, is you pick a career you want, and you look at the requirement classes/exams for that career. You then look at the prompt list and match up those classes/exams to reading prompts.

This year, Seminars were added and so they have additional requirements. However, since I’m reading all the prompts, these aren’t so big a deal.

Last year my goal was Auror for Newts. This year my goals are going to be Potioneer with Spell Maker as secondary. However, because I’m an over achiever, and this readathon drives me, I am going to read all the prompts.

Total Count: 12 books +2

Why +2? Because I am reading the first book in a series I’ve been meaning to reread, and so I will try to finish the whole series.

How will I be bending the rules? One of the prompts is “at the sea/shore” and the one I picked takes place in a kingdom above a massive lake. I think it counts enough, however.

Enough talk! Time for the Book List!

Alchemist (For then I can be anything)
Potioneer (Top Choice)
Spell Maker (Second Choice)

Animagus Training
Magical Shop Management
Merpeople Linguistics

House: Slytherin


ClassRequirementBook and Author
Ancient RunesHeart on the cover or in the titleHeart of Stone
C.E. Murphy
Arithmancyoutside favorite genreThe Hunting Party
Lucy Foley
Astronomyread majority of this book at nightA Face Like Glass
Frances Hardinge
Care of Magical CreaturesCreature w/ Beak on coverWoven in Moonlight
Isabel Ibanez
CharmsWhite CoverThe Book Thief
Markus Zusak
Defense Against the Dark Arts
book set at the sea or coastThe Winter Duke
Claire Eliza Bartlett
DivinationRandom Number generator selects off TBROn the Come Up
Angie Thomas
HerbologyTitle starts w/ an MMost Likely
Sarah Watson
History of Magicfeatures witches or wizardsThe Hawkweed Legacy
Irena Brignull
Muggle StudiescontemporarySharks in the Time of Saviors
Kawai Strong Washburn
Potionsunder 150 pgsThe River Between Us
Richard Peck
Transfigurationincludes shapeshiftingWicked Fox
Kat Cho

Additional Readings:

Hand of Flame by C.E. Murphy

House of Cards by C.E. Murphy

Considering we are in lockdown, I think that I may be able to finish all of these before that is over. If I do, I got a request to read a novel from an author, so I will get to that and then web novels. This is the month that I finally catch up on all the webnovels that I’ve been looking at like “I’ll get to that.” Time to catch up!

As always this only includes the novels I will read over the course of the month not all the stories I will be reading. Also I swear I’ll finish the Book Thief now. I really loved it when I was reading it on my ipad, but I can’t read digital well, so with my hard copy I should actually be able to get through it without wanting to sleep.

Until next time,


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