Year End Update

I know, I know, we have a little less than two months yet for the end of the year. I am not sure, if you are aware just how little time that is for the end of the year.

It’s not a lot of time.

I figure I will take this chance to tell you about upcoming Wednesday content for the end of the year.

Dragon books have been mostly bought. Mostly, not all, but mostly. So December is basically good to go. (Although I do have to say a lot of these books were much smaller than I thought they would be. This is great for me, because it means that I will be reading most quick for most of them. (Priory has an actual chance of being completed? WOW)

Things I know I am aiming to post before the end of the year:

Whimsy and Mayhem Reading Challenge 2020 [I’m still working on this title]

Whimsy and Mayhem Reading Challenge – Reading List

The December of Dragons Reading Challenge (personal)/December TBR

The Disappearance of Jenny Moore

Let’s Talk: Book Ratings

The Happenstance Hero

Slytherin Book Recommendations

2019 You Read How Many Books Final Total

2019 Challenges Completion Overview

2019 Reading Challenge: Dancing with Fantasy and Sci-Fi Final

2019 Reading Challenge: The Golden Trio Final

2019 Finishing the Series Totals

The 2019 Totals will all come out on December 31st. It’s a Tuesday but that next Wednesday is going to be New Year Goals, January TBR, and the December Lookbacks, which is already a lot of content.

I don’t have much to say, not yet at least. I think that the first of this list to be posted with either be Jenny Moore or Happenstance. Regardless…

Until Next Time,


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