November TBR

Alright, so this list is a bit more manageable than last month. Sort of. Kinda. I fell into a book rut, from how much work I had to do IRL. It did not leave much room for me to read, if we are being serious. As such, I will be sending those books that I didn’t finish, to January. I will also be completing all the series on my TBR shelf for next year. So instead of buying books that are higher on my want to read list, all the books that I have book 1 or book 2 or more, to on my shelf will be the series I aim to complete. I will write more about this when we get closer.

In total, I don’t have very many books I expect to read this month, if we are being honest. Just a big stack of them, because they are big books.

Single Novel List


  • The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black
  • October Fairy Loot Box?

I didn’t finish so many of my books from last month. So, if we are being serious, I don’t know if I can do more than these two. QoN is my blood, so don’t worry about it.

A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin

  • A Dance with Dragons
  • Fire & Blood

Yes. We are finally going to complete these two books, that I have been holding off on. No, I have not bothered taking a new photo. Yes, it does bother me that 1-4 are paperback and these two are hard cover. Yes, I am super excited to read these now. No reviews, as was the same for the first four.

Lightbringer Series by Brent Weeks

  • The Black Prism
  • The Blinding Knife
  • The Broken Eye
  • The Blood Mirror (Not Shown)
  • The Burning White (Not Shown)

I think that I may have mentioned in the past that this is a series I’ve been avoiding for a while now, only because I was worried about it. I really liked his Night Angel series, and so I’ve been avoiding this one. Now that the series is complete, do I really have a reason to avoid it, outside of sheer fear? No. And a part of me wants this change of pace to read it. Thus, I am.

The Greatcoats Series by Sebastien De Castell

  • Traitor’s Blade
  • Knight’s Shadow
  • Saint’s Blood
  • Tyrant’s Throne

I bought all four of these on a whim when I got the spellslinger series. I think I will like them, and I have all four, which makes like all that much more easier, for me reading through the series.

This is, what 12 books? That is somehow so much more manageable for a month than nearly thirty. (I’m screwed for December, but that’s what goals are for, to have as goals). Regardless, I will finish most, if not all, of the books on this list just because I need a change of pace.

Until Next Time!


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