NEWTs are coming!

Alright, so if you were here… You’d remember in April when I discovered the OWLs reading exams and would remember how pumped I was. The NEWTs information dropped today (the 30th of June) which gives me a full month prep for August (when the reading challenge is). It’s also why I’m coming to you all with this post on a day I don’t typically post.

Before the end of the month (July) I will have my reading list out for you all. It is different than my normal reading lists, as this will be focused on NEWTs. I have bought a few books specifically for this event already. Expect to get reviews on a lot of them.

Overview for now.

If you don’t know what the NEWTs Reading Challenge is, go here. Essentially, the Harry Potter Universe has two major exams for the students: OWLs and NEWTs. OWLs are taken the fifth year in April. NEWTs are taken in the summer before seventh year. You have to pass your OWLs to be able to take your NEWTs. Passing specific NEWTs allows you to get specific jobs.

I got my Alchemist (read all the prompts) OWLs, so that I could aim for any job in NEWTs.

House: Slytherin
Job goal (for NEWTs): Auror.
Note though, while Auror is my favorite job in general, if I pull this off I can also apply to get in as a Hogwarts Professor. Perhaps I could teach Potions or Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Auror req: (5 exams)
O in Defense Against the Dark Arts
E in Charms
E in Potions
A in Herbology
A in Transfiguration

Hogwarts Professor req: (4 exams)
O in subject you wish to teach
E in Defense Against the Dark Arts
At least two A’s in secondary subjects of your choice.

Naturally, I’m an over achiever. Thus I will be aiming for 7 exams, all to try to get an O. Now how do you get an O? Each exam class has a prompt for A, to get an A. A and E to get an E. Meaning you must complete A, E, and Oc to get an O (3 books, all separate prompts). So aiming for Os in all 7 exams. That’s 21 books to read. Can I do it? I read 15 for OWLs and started late. I think that if I can plan out my reading, and pick out exactly what I plan to read, I can easily do it.

Exams I Plan to take:
Defense Against the Dark Arts

I will have out the exact books I plan to read for each prompt soon, I promise. I, as of RN, have 7 left to plan (including an Audio-book. I guess I getting that Audiobook credit for the Golden Trio Exam after all). If you have any questions for me, go ahead and ask. If you have any questions about the reading exam, look at the FAQs and the video I linked above. (FAQs are in the description box of the video).

In general, I think this is hilarious. I had completely forgot that this event was coming. I was about to post an update for you all on Tuesday about how I might have to drop down to one review a week again, until I got through all my rereads, and started buying new books for you all. Then this dropped and I was like, who said I wasn’t going to buy new books. I have a problem, please send help.

Otherwise, until next time. (Tomorrow)


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