Spellslinger Review

Spellslinger Review

The first of the Spellslinger series. I bought this book with the intention of getting it for Newts and I figured it could be good. Boy, was I surprised by how much I liked it. I know you are getting this review at the end of September instead of August, but what can I do? I read so many books to review last month. As another note, I post this while out of town (aka automated) so if you comment, expect a late response.

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NEWTs Reviews Update

Since I am only rereading or reading novels I don’t want to do reviews for, this month (September) will be the month where I put out all the reviews that I did not put out in August. This means all those books I finished in August? Their reviews are coming this month.

No worries, you will see them.

They will be The Wicked Years reviews, The Spellslinger reviews, and a few others that I’ve held on to from July as well. October we will be back to reading all these lovely books I’ve gotten in recent months from book boxes and the likes. Other new changes incoming? I’m not sure but that’s all for now.

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August Reading List

August Reading List

Oh my goodness, I pulled it off. I actually did it! I can’t believe I did. For those of you who are new or just following for the first time, I suppose, I did the NEWTs exams for August. My goal was Auror with two additional classes, because I can’t make my life easy.

Info on the Reading Challenge or my post here

Info on my choices

This was only pretty much horrible for me for three reasons. One: I had to read an audio book (but that was a lot of fun and that review is coming tomorrow). Two: One of the series isn’t completed (thank heavens tho, because I hated The Keepers). Three: I had to pick up a series I accidentally DNFed (which I ended up loving. The Wicked series reviews will come later next month). I really pushed myself this month, to do things outside of my comfort zone. Was I rewarded? I think so. I read a lot of great books this month. I was not able to read the +3 (three books that I added because I started one series but did not finish it). Oh well no harm no foul, right?

But you aren’t here to hear me ramble. Scores for my NEWTs!