Gray {RW}

I could quote all day: poems and books that have left such an impression on me that I have to say them out loud.

Or I can just let it be.

I can just let the memory be…

I could, but then I remember gray. Something a teacher said in a class, dyed in the colors of memory where all that remains is: “Black and white and gray, gray, gray.” At the time the meaning was clear, with the morbid way to look at it was that: we are born then we die and everything else in-between doesn’t matter… But no. The way I’ve been taught to think of it is: we are born and one day we will die and everything else is up to us to decide. Our lives are ours to decide.

Its the gray area. The gray area doesn’t have to be one way or another. Its up to us to decide what we want it to be. Its up to us to change our lives. Yes, there are circumstances we may be born with that we can never escape, but our happiness? My happiness. Its decided by me. No one else, but me. Only I can decide to be happy and to change my life. I will make my mistakes and grow.

People tell us to be optimistic. To see the silver linings. I had to learn to do it. I had to learn to let go and let my dreams fly. I’ve found my greatest goals. I know that kind of person I want to be. Most importantly I’ve learned to cherish the moment. A lesson that has led me to my ultimate life motto.

To me the experience is always worth it. Whether it is good or bad. The experience is always worth it because from the experience I grow and change and become the better me. Not everyone will agree with me and that’s okay. I don’t see things the same way you do. But to me, at least, the experience is always worth it.

And my gray?

I hope to make it shine like silver — filled with memories that may one day be forgotten, but leave a mark for others to see.

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