Updated Blog

Updated Blog

By this time many of you, or I hope many of you, will have noticed the new blog design. If not, then surprise! There’s a new design.

I stated a while back that I originally made this website for myself, and now as I transition it, I’m going to be deciding on the following:

  • Keeping the book cover as the featured image. The image will still be in the post itself, but will I keep it as featured? I’m not sure.
    • If I don’t keep it, what will I replace it with?
      • Rating images (like a big 5/5 or 4/5 or something?)
      • Another “what did you read” but for Reviews?
    • I don’t like how pig the book covers are, and I’m not trying to take particularly artsy photos of them. I feel with them as large as they are, I should.
  • Colors. I’m still playing around with them. I love dark colored sites instead of a white. However readability is important and while I’d love a dark grey, its not feasible.
  • Site header. Before it was the image of “words come alive the moment you let them exist.” It didn’t look good before, but I have an idea of what I might do.

Also, until further notice, two book reviews a week until I get back to reading more new books and have a queue. I’m currently on a reread binge and don’t want to review books I’m rereading.

Leave a comment if you have any opinions, suggestions, anything. Otherwise…

Happy Wednesday!


Graduate School Update

Graduate School Update

I think I have previously mentioned that I was applying to graduate schools. Well, all those applications are in, finalized, and waiting for review. This is one of the reasons that I was really bad at getting my posts out these last two months. I had a goal, got to the goal and then saw that I missed details, and then had to rush around getting my recommendation letters in. 


Happy Wednesday

Happy Wednesday

Happy Wednesday all! I know I haven’t had many blog posts recently, mostly because I don’t know what to write with them. ^~^

Recently, I decided that I am going to be revamping the style of my website. When I created this baby three months ago, I did so for me. It was more of an archive for myself, so that I could review. This is not to say that in recent months I have gotten a ton of likes or follows. This is more of a: I just want to do it to make it nicer. I essentially just picked an easy theme. I’ll be adapting it within the week or month.

I also realize I’ve missed a few weeks for reviews. They are in my queue, I just forgot to post them so there will be a dump this upcoming Monday.  This upcoming Friday I will be posting a special review of a webnovel. I wasn’t planning on reviewing a webnovel, but I finished this one through to completion in two days and I figured I should. It’s not going with my typical Monday posts because this is a treat for you. It would actually be out today  if it weren’t for the fact that I want a bit of time between writing the initial review and editing it (especially in this case where it had me so emotional).

Thank you all for sticking with me, and following (for those 20 some of you who have followed). You are amazing. Truly.





Sorry that I’m behind on my reviews. I’ve been helping my brother with grad school apps and starting my second job, so reading was simply pushed to the side for me last month. I swear I will start reviews up again next week!



Why I Buy Books

Why I Buy Books

To buy or not to buy that is the question.

Which is also to say: always buy.

I get asked a lot, why I buy books. Physical books. Hard covers, paper backs, physical copies. Why? Why don’t I simply rent from the library? Why don’t I buy ebooks? Why must I own a physical copy?

To be honest, this was absolutely wild to me for the longest time. Why wouldn’t you buy books? Then I discovered that many people buy books as a status symbol over actually to own the text. They don’t read the books. They have books for aesthetic. They use the books, and their personal library as if to say — see how rich I am?

That is not why I buy books.

To me, buying books is the way to read books. Because I reread books. Crazy, I know. I actually reread books. I reread ones I liked and sometimes those I didn’t like. Sometimes I fall in love with things I once hated, or hate things I once loved. Tastes change. People grow. I reread when I don’t remember a story anymore and want to remember and enjoy it again. I reread because I love the story and I want to add fire to that passion. I reread books because they deserve to be reread. (General statement, this is determined on a book to book basis, tbh)

I love books regardless.

My mother always bought books. She bought books because she reread books. And then she’d give me reading suggestions. So, while others were reading Harry Potter, I was reading Stephen King’s The Shinning and Agatha Christie’s mysteries. I didn’t read Harry Potter until right before Book 7 came out (i.e. 2007). I really didn’t read traditional Young Adult novels, because we didn’t have them at the house. What I read in school for elementary school we ended up buying for the home. I read books we owned, and could reread them when I wanted.

I bought books. To own the books. To reread the books. To cherish the books. To love the stories and the characters. To own the book.

I do buy ebooks, my mom does now too, but I do not prefer them. The first instance that I see that there is a physical edition, you can be sure I  have it bought and it is being sent to me. In truth it has a lot less to do with supporting the author — or I wouldn’t buy as many used books as I do– and more to do with cherishing the story.

I do not get rid of books I dislike, for someone else may like them. Someone else (i.e. friend) who may want to borrow them, but can’t go to a library. I read all book series to completion or so I try at least, for I can’t leave a story unfinished. I then use that knowledge to give recommendations on what I feel like others would like next.

Essentially, I love books.

There is no, I love it, but I love it from afar. This is a: if I love it, I want it. I do not own books as a status symbol. This is not a personal statement on my wealth but perhaps one on my addiction. I am addicted to reading, and addicted to buying more books. In truth I probably have no business, financially, buying as many books as I do. I still do it. This is not a status symbol. It’s an addiction. Some people collect stamps. I collect books.

Why don’t I rent from a library? Because I want it. I want to own it. I need it.

Why don’t I read ebooks (often)? Because I want the physical book in my hands. I want to own it. I need it.

How many books do you own? Almost 700. On my own. My mom owns more than me, but I’m catching her.

Do you have a library? Since I am currently still living with my parents, yes. When I move out, it’ll only be when I have a house that I’ll transfer my books to me. Until then my books remain where I know they have the space, and a home.

I love my books. I love these stories. I always will, and I’ll always buy.

September Reading List

September Reading List

Books Read

War Storm – Victoria Aveyard

Ash Princess – Laura Sebastian

Strom Dragon – James Wyatt

Dragon Forge – James Wyatt

Dragon War – James Wyatt

MEM – Bethan C. Morrow

Mirage – Somaiya Daud

Falling – Tara Benham

Impact – Tara Benham

Rising – Tara Benham

Poem Collections Read

to make monsters out of girls – amanda lovelace

the sun and her flowers – rupi kaur

Falling Review

Falling Review


My first book series review! Hurray! This is the first book in the series, but you can find the whole series: here.

Customary warning: This is a reminder that these reviews are my personal opinions. My thoughts and feelings are not your thoughts and feelings. I may not always be the target  audience for a book; sometimes I am. If I do not like a book, that doesn’t mean you’ll dislike it. If I love a book or simply like a book, you may hate it. Take everything I say with this in mind. If it sounds interesting to you despite what I’ve said, then go ahead and read it. You’ll only know you like something if you read it yourself.

Spoilers ahead!

That being said…

Falling by Tara Benham

Synopsis From The Book

An earthquake is coming, soon.

A small town in Kentucky is set to be destroyed.

Bayla, Heaven’s Soul Collector, has been given two tasks; make sure the earthquake happens according to plan, and also make certain Gray Ellison, a teenaged human, survives. Bayla has a perfect record for completing missions; so, when another angel is added into the mix, she begins to question the Head Council’s faith in her.

Just as she is getting used to working with Hadraniel, her unasked for back-up, she has to face another hurdle. When Declan shows up with the mission to make sure Gray doesn’t survive the earthquake, he starts to challenge all of Bayla’s beliefs and plans. Declan isn’t your typical demon. He’s gorgeous and arrogant, but there’s something about him that Bayla can’t quite put her finger on.

Declan’s presence threatens the mission to save Gray, and Bayla herself. Will she be able to complete her assigned mission successfully despite these new obstacles, or will Gray be lost to Hell forever?

Short Synopsis By Me

I’m just going to go with the synopsis above.

Initial Thoughts Before Reading:

At Penned con, I was walking around looking at the books, hearing authors talk, and talking to my best friend when I spotted this cover. I said “feathers? Angels.” I was tempted to walk on, but something about the aesthetic of the cover drew me in. Now my best friend isn’t drawn by titles or covers, but only content. Typically I’m not so drawn to covers either but this one drew me. After a second of starring at the books, the author, Tara Benham, caught my eye and I realized either I walked away or talked to her. I talked to her, and ended up walking away with the series later that day after giving it some thought. In truth I am looking forward to this series. It is fantasy enough even if I believe it is a fantasy romance. I got through The Fallen Series by Lauren Kate, and The Hush, Hush Saga by Becca Fitzpatrick, pretty easily actually. I liked them when I read them, and this? This seemed to me, reminiscent of those series.

Initial Thoughts After Reading:

Well… I think I’m more confused than settled for a first book. I am left with so many questions. Why was Bayla important? Leading on with the “I’ll tell you later” is odd BS especially when everyone else seems to spill the truth at every moment. Why was this earthquake so important for the Soul Collectors? Why is there only one Soul Collector? Time. Lines.

What I Liked:

The demons. I liked Meph, and Declan (who is not a demon, but I’m not entirely sure what his mission was). I liked their characters. Perhaps this was because Meph was a overarching antagonist and Declan was sassy but charming.

What I Would have Liked or Changed:

Before I go into my changes, I want to talk what this plot is in brief: Bayla, an angel, is sent on a mission to earth to save the life of a boy named Gray. Gray is apparently super important, we don’t find out why really. Bayla turns out to be more important than simply her job as a Soul Collector. Soul Collectors are angels, or demons, who take the souls that go to Heaven or Hell after death. The plot makes sense. Get to earth. Save the boy. Make sure the demons  don’t get him. Now…

Time Lines. Okay so I read this and my first thought was “what?” The time difference between Heaven and Earth is approx. 9.5 years to 1 week. This means it’s roughly 494 years on Earth for every 1 year in Heaven. Bayla, our main character, says she had her Pompeii mission four years (Heaven Years) before the start of the novel. Pompeii was in the year 79AD. Four years ago Heaven time would have been 1,976 years ago or (assuming this book takes place in 2018) 42AD. Let use assume however that we do not know the year, and work backwards from 79AD. 79AD plus 1976 years is 2055AD. This book undoubtedly takes place in modern times, but not a future world. It seems odd to me. I get that the math is close enough for it to be okay. I get that she could have been roughly estimating the time as four years, but this bothered me a lot when reading and I can’t really explain why? Something about this time change is unsettling to me.

Bayla’s character consistency. She is introduced as relatively stoic, and one to ignore conversations of others. She doesn’t seem the type to fall in love easily, or to care about people she’s just met when she doesn’t care about her own roommate. Then she does fall for someone she just met. She becomes super close to another angel, Haddy, in a few short weeks (which is only a few hours Heaven time). She cries a lot, and freaks out over learning new information on her mission? She has a perfect track record, and has dealt with all the major casualty events in history. You’d think she’d be more composed when learning of new things. Perhaps this has to do with why she is so valuable. I don’t know. It’s never explained. If she is the most feared angel in all of Hell, the only angel of her type, why does she act the way she does? Why does she simply break protocol so easily when an angel she just met almost dies? Why does she care so much for him, she just met him? This is a moment in her life for singular, highly important mission, but she’s dealt with them before. I don’t understand.

Gray’s purpose. I get that he’s super important and it’s supposed to be some sort of mystery of why he’s so important, but I’d at least like to have a bit more information than simply that. Especially if this is the closure to his story.

Other things:

  • Were the quotes by other authors and people necessary for the start of each chapter? I loved the quotes, but I didn’t think they added to the story in any way.
  • Some of the dialogue was interesting to say the least.
  • The whole Truth or Dare scene really threw me off.
  • Bayla revealing the truth to Hannah. 1. Yes, a person would so simply believe it without proof, simply because of the feeling involved. 2. Kinda against Bayla’s training and protocol, is it not?

Why You Should Read:

It’s not bad. I feel that there are a lot of things I would change, but it was pretty well written. I also probably may not be the target audience for this book. It read very young YA, to me and I haven’t been doing all that hot with a majority of YA novels lately. I may just be overly critical.

There is room for growth and questions that have left me wondering things, and I did accidentally read the last line of the third book before I started.  Thus, I want to see where this is going. I would recommend trying the first book, perhaps if you are a younger reader. There aren’t any exceedingly suggestive themes or notions in the book.

Time Taken To Read

1hr 10min

Rating: 2/5

Notable Quotes:

“I wrote I loved you in the palm of your hand.” – Declan to Bayla

“You were like water to someone who was dying of thirst. I couldn’t drink in the sight of you enough to ever be fulfilled.” – Bayla to Declan.

“The stars this side of Heaven are so beautiful. They are my favorite thing about  this place. If ever you are missing me, look to them. And if you see on falling, it’s me.” – Bayla to Declan


April Reading List

April Reading List


Books Read

Incaceron – Catherine Fisher

Sapphique – Catherine Fisher

The Way of Shadows – Brent Weeks

Shadow’s Edge – Brent Weeks

Beyond the Shadows – Brent Weeks

Perfect Shadow – Brent Weeks

Emily Windsnap and the Falls of Forgotten Island – Liz Kessler

Ready Player One – Ernest Cline