Updated Blog

By this time many of you, or I hope many of you, will have noticed the new blog design. If not, then surprise! There’s a new design.

I stated a while back that I originally made this website for myself, and now as I transition it, I’m going to be deciding on the following:

  • Keeping the book cover as the featured image. The image will still be in the post itself, but will I keep it as featured? I’m not sure.
    • If I don’t keep it, what will I replace it with?
      • Rating images (like a big 5/5 or 4/5 or something?)
      • Another “what did you read” but for Reviews?
    • I don’t like how pig the book covers are, and I’m not trying to take particularly artsy photos of them. I feel with them as large as they are, I should.
  • Colors. I’m still playing around with them. I love dark colored sites instead of a white. However readability is important and while I’d love a dark grey, its not feasible.
  • Site header. Before it was the image of “words come alive the moment you let them exist.” It didn’t look good before, but I have an idea of what I might do.

Also, until further notice, two book reviews a week until I get back to reading more new books and have a queue. I’m currently on a reread binge and don’t want to review books I’m rereading.

Leave a comment if you have any opinions, suggestions, anything. Otherwise…

Happy Wednesday!


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