CON – B1: Serenity – Chapter 15

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Feelings 2

Alexis got home early in the morning. Between her mandatory dates with Nate after practices, and her time with Nate in practices, Alexis felt exhausted, but she was certain that she was starting to convince him that whatever he thought was wrong. Her decision to sleep over at his house was one that she had made on a whim and she was certain it was the best decision she had ever made. The entire drive home, Alexis had thought about how well he had loved her. She had slept with a few guys and none of them had been as attentive to her. Alexis wanted more, and if it weren’t for the fact that she had to go home, Alexis was certain she would not have.

“Home?” Her father was in the kitchen when she got in. She had not wanted to interact with her parents after an obvious night out. The shame was already starting to wash at the afterglow from the experience. “Which boy was it?”

“Nate.” Alexis hoped her father did not hear her.

When her father popped his head out from the doorway, he looked her in the eye.

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CON – B1: Serenity – Chapter 14

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Alexis pressed her palms against her knees as she gasped for breath. Above her Nate stood holding his sword, lording over her at ease. His shadow towered over her shading her like an umbrella. He seemed completely unfazed by the way that she hacked and gasped for air.

“Ready?” He asked her.

“No.” Alexis glanced up to him, wiping her brow. She sucked in the air, held her breath and kept it in her lungs, and then released it slowly, straightening her spine as she did. Once again she tried to even out her breathing and relax the way he’d taught her before. She then wrapped both hands around the sword and faced him.

Nate shifted his weight tottering back and forth from left to right. Alexis focused on him, and then she felt it. Left. She tossed the whole of her weight to the right as Nate’s sword went from stationary at his side to slicing towards her left. “Better!”

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CON Update 01/06/2023

Hello Voidfriends and Voidfolk!

Oh my, this has been a long time coming. I know that there may have been people waiting for this update for a while. And let’s just say… sorry?

When I initially took the CON hiatus, I did so, so that I could work on my Masters and so that I could finish YP. Who would have thought that I would have completely neglected to come back to it. Which is to say, we are back. Or rather CON will be back within the next couple of weeks. I have a few things I need to do before then.

I need to reread everything I’ve written, edit the end of Book 1 (which is completed) and start work on Book 2. I really want to stay ahead on this project so that unlike YP we don’t have to have another horrific hiatus in the future. As a reminder, unlike YP this project is intended and will REMAIN six books in total.

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Whimsy and Mayhem Reading Challenge 2023 Prompts: Diamonds

Whimsy and Mayhem Reading Challenge 2023 Prompts: Diamonds

For a full list of what this is about go here. And then for the rules and regulations go here. If you have any questions let me know! This is the complete list for the new year prompt list! If you are wondering where in the world I got these words. Essentially they are all key words associated with the symbolism of diamonds.

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