YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 60 (CHAPTER 207)

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105 Days Until Second Chances And the Uncertain End (part 3)

Heia walked with Robee down the streets recording everything they could as Trace got shots from above. They were going to have to find a place to sleep for the night, as well as to learn more on why things were the way that they were. They had captured enough on the monotony of the town as it was. She wondered if she was going to be able to use this in her own propaganda. They had to collect more flyers and somehow she needed to get connected to their web and broadcasting. She wanted to see what was controlled and erased from their view. To figure out why—

“Hey you!” She heard someone yell. Heia stopped walking and turned to see an angry man. He was huffing and red faced. How long had he been following them? “Why are you recording my shop. Delete the footage now.”

Those around them seemed to realize that Heia and Robee had cameras. Robee quickly moved his to continue recording as Heia remembered her training.

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YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 59 (CHAPTER 206)

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105 Days Until Second Chances And the Uncertain End (part 2)  

The canvas was white, covered in the dried paint that he had given it the day before. He had loved the painting but with limited supplies and inspiration, all he could do was cover what existed before and give it new life. The canvas of all blue and black had been eradicated with layers upon layers of white. He felt consumed by the urge to erase it all the moment he had begun. Starring at the canvas Evester could only think of what was before. He thought of Zeydar’s annoyed expression. He thought of Zeydar sleeping next to him and holding his hand for safety. He though of the soft look Zeydar had given him a few days ago. He thought of the way Zeydar eyed him and quietly said he was okay.

That was the face that had inspired him.

Color to the canvas, Evester took very deliberate strokes before turning haphazard. Without any real direction or thought, he let his mind tell him where to go and how. He truly adored Zeydar. Truly.

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YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 58 (CHAPTER 205)

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105 Days Until Second Chances And the Uncertain End (part 1) 

Heia shifted her weight as she walked next to Robee through the town. It was as she had remembered Undercities to be like before Evester, before the Aralax, before everything. This city was brighter than her’s had been. The infrastructure looked as if it had been rebuilt after the Catastrophe. This was Alan Penn’s city and it was clear. The money lived here. Once upon a time, Heia would have loved to live in this city. She would have dreamed of it and been jealous of those who lived there. Now she was disgusted.

“They have super markets.” Trace complained. “No central market, an actual city.”

“I saw schools.” Robee told them. “Schools. When was the last time we went to school?”

Before the catastrophe.

“It really doesn’t seem as if they are… preparing.” Trace whispered to them both.

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YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 57 (CHAPTER 204)

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106 Days Until Freedom And the Uncertain End

Zeydar sat ignoring the drone of the Superiors. This was the first traditional Superior meeting that Zeydar had been to in a long time, and his patience had disappeared more than two hours prior. He was thirsty but would not drink and hungry and would not eat. He wondered how long the meeting could possibly go on for. He had not realized that the council’s review over classes would be so thorough. He did not want to contemplate how long it would take to review the other subjects of the meeting. After classes there would be an inquiry of those Superiors trying to have children and then they’d move on to other matters, specifically charges.

“Zeydar.” He heard his name from Superior Anthony. Zeydar had completed his second official day. He’d gotten approved on his lesson plans, surprisingly enough. He knew that the Superiors had to have been talking behind his back, considering the the students certainly were. As the only teaching Superior left to discuss, Zeydar prepared himself for what Anthony could say next. “Students have reported you skipping through time instead of working linear as well as incorporating too many politics and world history concepts.”

“Linear? I will admit that I will highlight the ripples and repercussions of decisions and actions. My greater lessons do, however follow a linear fashion. As for government and world histories, both are necessary to understand how magic has developed and changed. Magic history does not exist in a vacuum.” Zeydar answered. It was not as if Majorie had approved the lesson plans. He refrained from rolling his eyes or glaring at her. Superior Anthony wanted to make a scene of this and Zeydar was willing to humor him.

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YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 56 (CHAPTER 203)

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108 Days Until Control And the Uncertain End (part 3)

Zeydar sat in the empty lecture hall at the desk in the front of the room, as Shawn sipped on water. May was with Phil and Kony, as Kony attended his classes. They were to work on Kony with his CloudCity and Star Campus etiquette. Zeydar had given Phil texts and tests for Kony to do in his spare time. Zeydar knew Kony would struggle in his classes, however Zeydar also knew Kony would surpass all their expectations. Kony may have had to adapt but he would. Zeydar was not worried about him. Zeydar was worried for himself.

“You think he’s going to be screwed over?” Shawn asked Zeydar about Kony. Zeydar finished the creation of the lesson plans that he had to get in that afternoon. It had taken him time to research how to make lesson plans, but he was certain they were completed. Once he turned them in, he’d be told no and he’d have to rework them again. Regardless, his first class would begin soon and he wouldn’t have much time later. 

“They want to do that, for sure. Him and me both. If Kony is weak in anyway it’ll reflect on me.” Zeydar told flipped the papers over. “We will have to do many supplementary exams, and classes that will be monitored.”

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YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 55 (CHAPTER 202)

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108 Days Until Control And the Uncertain End (part 2) 

Heia watched as her sister’s face changed from ease to worry. Heia explained to Trace her idea and all the issues that cam along with it. They had to do it, and Heia knew that Trace understood that. The issue was the risk. It had been the heavy truth that had led Heia to make the call on who went and who stayed. Trace and Robee would be able to take what was thrown their way. Heia had to be seen. She had to do it, so that Alan could not control them, and so the X’s saw outside the propaganda.

“Are you sure you want to do that?” Trace asked her.

“Not particularly.” Heia admitted. Even after telling Trace the plan, Heia was certain it was foolish.

“Then why?”

“Because. I don’t need a reason and you know it’s the right decision.” They needed to do it.

“Just us?”

“Yes.” Heia could not let Kori go, she was too young. The Circles could not go; they were Circles. Only Trace, Robee, and Heia could. “Kori should stay here and Kim and Lynx and Onyx should not go.”

“But if we go…”

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YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 54 (CHAPTER 201)

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108 Days Until Control And the Uncertain End (part 1) 

The first two days had been for Zeydar. The Superiors had spoken to him and demanded that he was retested. He had taken the Superior tests again. He knew that there was no reason for them to grade the tests, as they had been even harder than before and he was certain he had passed them better. He knew his own magic better. For the practical exams he had only used ice magic. They claimed that they had retested him for teaching placement. Zeydar knew it was bullshit, but he did not say a thing.

The second day had also been for Kony. They had tested him, expecting him to fail. Kony was a Class One. He was required to have a Superior mentor, however due to his age placement was creating contention. While they had tested Zeydar, Kony had been given tests he had no way of passing. Zeydar knew that Kony was lacking based on traditional teaching methods, however he also knew that Kony had not been trained for more than a year. If Kony had the time that the others had, he would have passed them all. Zeydar had reminded him of it. Still, the Superiors ordered that he remain on Star Campus due to his lacking education.

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YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 53 (CHAPTER 200)

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109 Days Until Dawn And the Uncertain End 

Uly reviewed each planet with Evester in detailed analysis. Maverin took notes and commented on them and asked questions that Evester did not understand. They were important questions, Evester could understand by context, but not much else. Evester reviewed Uly’s predictions on what the planets would look like by the time they arrived. Maverin had scientists retrofitting the Project programming to assist with the calculations. Soon they’d have it completed and then it would be on Maverin, Uly, and the few trusted scientists that Evester had vetted. They would be the only ones looking at the final planet choices.

Evester looked from the notes to the 3D renderings and image predictions. He heard Uly’s inbox sound in notification: undoubtedly Europa trying to get him to talk to her again. Evester paused for a moment wanting to see it. He thought of his sister and he empathized with her. He understood her longing. He figured her childish in the moment for trying so hard when she knew that the best way to get Uly to talk to her was to act rationally. However, Evester was childish. He wanted to see Zeydar. He wanted to talk to Zeydar.

Hearing Zeydar’s voice on the video chat had not been enough. Seeing his face had not been enough. Evester wanted to talk to him alone. He —

“No.” Uly spoke before Evester vocalized the thought. He wrote notes and calculations by hand, passing them to Maverin who placed the calculations on a stack of paper. Evester’s father was chuckling to himself.

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CON – B1: Serenity – Chapter 11

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Family Matters

Alexis wiped her brow as she entered the kitchen from outside in the yard. She and her aunt had finished weeding the newest section of the garden. Inside the kitchen sat Nia on one of the bar stool swiveling around until she saw Alexis and stopped to place her hand on a shoebox and an empty Gersalt back. Alexis’ mother and grandmother stood a bit to the side sipping at their drinks.

“You went into my room?” Alexis hissed.

“I needed something.” Nia tossed out. “What. Is. This?”

“You went into my room without asking?” Alexis felt like she was thirteen again, screaming at her sister for messing with her stuff.

“I know for certain that Nate can’t afford Gersalt.” Nia shook her head. “Girl, if you’re cheating…

“It was a gift.” Alexis snapped. She had tried to return the clothes the day after the event, but it was one of the locations that the original card had to be presented to do so and they also could tell that she wore it. She had placed the shoes and dress in her closet along with the box and bag. She had planned to give them back to Jordan the next time she saw him. He was, however, ignoring her calls and texts. Again.

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CON – B1: Serenity – Chapter 10

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The July heat had hit. Nate had warned her about it and she knew to take him seriously. The issue was that no amount of warnings could have prepared her for it to hit. The sweltering humidity made her skin sticky and she felt as if it were melting off of her each moment that she stepped out into the open air. She wanted nothing more than to stay in at all times. Nate, however, had invited her to a party that night. It was in another city and Alexis had assumed that Jordan and Jim were not going. 

Alexis had gone into town to get something new to wear. She had clubbing clothes and party clothes, but after a brief internet search, she had come to the conclusion that none of her clothes would be appropritate. She dressed too much like an east coaster. Alexis did not want to stand out more than she already did, and thus she had taken the time to to get something new.

Alexis held up a few different options towards the mirror in the main show room, holding them against her self to make sure that the colors would work with her skin tone. Finding the right combination was always a bit more difficult than she would like. The two dresses she was between were not working with her at all. One was not her style and the other was too pink. 


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