Weekly Update

Hello Voidfolk and Voidfriends!

A few updates for you. I am currently on my last week of the first semester of school. I am STRESSed and working on my portfolio assignments. I will not be doing book reviews again until that is DONE with. Additionally, I am hoping to get back to the states for the break, but I don’t know if that will happen (new variant and all). As it is, I will be looking into the new site design soon! I promise some change is coming. Also I have to work on my end of the year posts, which honestly is exhausting to think about already.

I have started my Wattpad. Go over there to support me! I’m cross posting YP there as well as here. It is behind by a LONG while. But def give it a like and stuff. Maybe even stick around from the beginning again. Updates for YP are coming soon too.

How are you liking CON? My initial plan for it has been completely changed. Not the plot, but the number of chapters. As such, it’s going to be pretty much the chapter # equiv as YP’s end chapter count (yes, YP has an end chapter count). This can only be good news to you all, because CON is significantly longer in terms of chapter content. Hooray.

I know I was going to keep the YT going. And so with my break I’m going to try to do a plethora of videos and the likes, so that I can start posting those consistently. Additionally, follow me there. I have a TikTok too! Maybe I’ll actually post more cool content there. Not sure. I need to use my insta more, that’s for certain. REGARDLESS. New year goals are on the horizon. I just wanted to let you guys know I haven’t forgotten the ones I had for my blog. At least not all of them. 2021 has been a rough year for us all. But I’m still here.

Best! I hope your Holiday Season is amazing and many blessings to you all!

Until Next Time,


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