Hello From Scotland

Goodday Voidfriends and Voidfolk,

As I have been hinting for the last couple of months, things have been hectic on my end. This means a bunch of changes for my blog going forward.

Mainly, no book reviews, or at most one a month. I did get a backlog of reviews, but not enough for one a week for every week until I return to the states. I am only bringing 10 books with me, all of which are books I never planned on reviewing. (How does one review The Art of War, afterall.)

I also will be kicking it into overdrive for YP to get it finished. I also plan to start my second webnovel sometime in October. There will be two running at once. Wild.

Book boxes will be stopped (in terms of overviews) as are tea boxes. I will be replacing these, perhaps, with some fun blog posts of bookshops and tea shops in Glasgow. That could be cool.

I will also be starting up my YT channel again, mostly for vlogs and for life videos. I haven’t done video production in a long while, so I am itching to do it again (which is my undergraduate major afterall).

So why am I in Scotland? I will be attending the University of Glasgow for a Masters in Literature, Creative Writing. Trust me when I say this has been a wild ride outside of the pandemic craziness. But I’m here now! Currently, I’m in the process of looking for a new job so that I can keep myself going, over the course of the semester.

The blog will be getting a face lift soon, and I’ll be posting a lot of those things I said I’d get to and never did (like the rating system. It’ll be out as will the photoshopped images templates too.) I have a full year of learning to write better, networking, and getting into massive amounts of debt ahead of me. So I plan to do all those things I have not (updated my manga list to the form I’ve wanted forever. Reading all the webnovels I stopped. Goodness.) and work on really figuring out what it is I plan to do otherwise.

Oh. And writing.

I am going to be writing, a lot. I will be working to getting published, with all the rejection letters coming my way. I will also consider self publishing some of my other works. Because, why not? Hybrid routes are sort of the way to go now, so I’m open to many different options.

Regardless, look forward to the changes.

And as always!

Until Next Time,

Marlena Marie

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