Weekly Update

Hello Voidfriends!

I’ll start by saying that June was a mixed bag for me. While May was pretty much horrible on my mental state and the likes, June was just as stressful albeit in different ways. However, unlike May, I did get a lot more reading done and I feel a lot better with how I spent my June than my May. So then why is it that I haven’t put out almost any reviews?


I have a backlog right now, that I am waiting on posting because of book club. I am waiting to add the book club thoughts to the reviews, and so it is taking me a while to post many of the reviews. Book club gets pushed back because of life events for those in book club. Its no big deal, but for those of you who are wondering where the reviews are. That’s where they are.

Also, I have the two series reviews that I’m working on. I decided not to review Mistborn on its own but as a series. Why? No clue, it’s just what I decided, since I did it for Lightbringer. As it is now, I could probably change that decision yet. I’ll figure it out.

As for other content. Short stories, I have queue. They just need to be edited. There is a lot of stuff that I promised you, that I just haven’t gotten to you. The book list of my TBR shelf from December 2019, for my 2020 reading challenges. The list of what books I’m reading for some of those challenges. The rating system for books that I said I’d get the official rules out for. With how I feel after last month, I am more certain in myself and my capabilities of being able to get these out to you.

That’s all I wanted to let you know! Once, again. Thanks for being here!

Until Next Time,


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