April Teas

Happy Tuesday everyone! We are more than halfway through the month. I will be showing you my book cover haul as soon as all the books come in. I’m still waiting on a bunch of other things to get in, but once they are, you will know! Lots of boxes are being pushed until May or later. I still have not gotten many of my book boxes, soooo. Yeah. Best of luck there.

Month: April (2020)

Southern Mint Herbal Tea by Revolution Tea

This tea is made from USA peppermint tea leaves.

This is one of those teas that you know is mint but not what until you really think about it, that you know it is peppermint. This is to say, it isn’t slap you in the face peppermint. It’s the soft frost on a chilled fall morning. You know the feeling: the sharp briskness that tells you that its almost winter, but not fully winter. That’s how it tastes. It’s a mint but you don’t know which, unless you think about it. It chills the mouth, and is cold refreshing despite being a warm drink.

This tea is caffeine-free.

Rating: 5/5

Anti Stress Herbal Tea by Akshar

This tea is made from organic holy basil leaves, organic lemongrass, organic marigold petals, and organic butterfly pea petals.

IT’S GREEN. You have no idea how much that excited me when I saw it. This tea has a smell to it that is a combination of the basil and the lemongrass. Its a earthy smell but also a soft one. To be honest, I smelled this tea more than I tasted it. The basil and lemongrass were the strongest of the flavors, but that is to say it was very subdued. I particularly liked this tea for that subdued quality. This is a very anti-stress tea.

This tea is caffeine-free.

Rating: 5/5

Camomile Honey & Vanilla by Ahmad Tea

This tea is made from Camomile, natural flavoring, liquorice root, fennel, vanilla, and honey pieces.

Wow, that hit me. I was expecting a completely different flavor than what I got. This was… wow. It was very vanilla and honey. Like the Get Clean tea (next), this is not something I will get again. I wanted something more refreshing, and this was, instead, a very strong flavor that made me reel back in shock.

This tea is caffeine-free

Rating: 3/5

Get Clean by The Republic of Tea

This tea is made from Organic Rooibos, Milk Thistle, Indian Sarsaparilla, Dandelion Root, Chicory Root, Burdock Root, Red Clover, Natural Vanilla Flavor, and Natural Almond Flavor.

You can smell the almond, haha. It has a milky flavor to it naturally, which is nice because it balances with the other flavors of the drink. Would this be my go to? No. Is it a bad tea? Also no. I realized that Rooibos isn’t a go to flavor for me, and while I think that this tea is excellent, I would never have bought it on my own or think about rebuying it.

This Tea is caffiene-free

Rating: 4/5

Happy Valley Darjeeling by David’s Tea

This tea is made from organic black tea of darjeeling, India.

Please note that this was a MISTAKE in my box. One. It’s a black tea. Two, it has caffeine. When I saw the fifth tea in my box, I kind of did a double take to make sure the others were all right. My friend got an entirely different tea than on her customization card last month. This month I got an extra tea. I know that this has a lot to do on production, and because of the virus, so I’m not going to complain. I will, however, taste it. Please note, that I am biased AGAINST black teas, so IDK how well this is gonna go.

Honestly, I really don’t know how to judge black teas. This one is supposed to be fruity and floral, and I do not get that flavor. I drink my black tea with cream and sugar (note that I didn’t take a picture of this, because I forgot). I did get a bit of fruitiness in there, but not as much as traditional fruit teas or flora teas. It just tasted mostly like black tea with cream and sugar, to me. And now I’m gonna get a headache from the caffeine, lol. Good thing I didn’t technically drink this one last. I saved that for the honey, and vanilla.

This tea has medium levels of caffeine.

Rating: 1/5

Not because it is a bad tea, persay, but that it just isn’t for me. At all.

This was a big box of surprises, with a few really good teas. If anyone does drink black tea and tried this black tea and loved it, please let me know. Like I said, black teas aren’t for me. I already knew this, so I don’t want to discourage anyone from drinking this one. Just because it’s not for me doesn’t mean it isn’t good.


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4 thoughts on “April Teas

  1. 😳😳😳gosh my mouth is watering…southern mint tea sounds like the exact thing I need rn❤️❤️❤️ I really wanna try all of those…umm…could you tell me where you get your teas from? I would love to try them and I really wanna🥺🥺🥺

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