Missing and Lost Books: What happened to the Last Book?


Does Trapped in Time (Zenda 9) by Ken Petti and John Amodeo exist? Probably not. I’d say def no, but I want to hold out hope.

Does The Keepers (Part 3): Armistice by Rick Friar or Richard Friar exist? From what I can tell, no.

Did they ever? I have no clue.

Story time:

Okay, so just recently I was trying to find a book: The Keepers Part 3: Armistice by Rick Friar. At the time of my search I had no idea what the actual title was. It was not until moving through my search that I found it, not that it made anything easier. As I started looking, I came into some issues. I started with my author name as Richard Friar, because that’s how it was on my books.

Cover of the first book with the author name as “Richard Friar.”

Whatever, Amazon told me it was Rick. I said okay. Then I saw the second book had Rick. And I was like, well that’s my fault.

Cover of the first and second books, the top part shows the author name as “Rick Friar”

The books themselves told me that this was a trilogy.

Picture is of the back of the book. Highlighted part says “Like the first installment of the trilogy…”

So I knew that there had to be a third book. I had gotten these books from a used book store for like a dollar, and wasn’t expecting this to be difficult to find. The first two book exist after all.


Amazon told me two things. One, there were two covers for the first one (which seemed promising at the time, editions… you know?) and that his name was Rick Friar. But when I clicked to his name, there were only two books with one of the covers not as the one I had.

So where do I go next? Good Reads. I figured that this author page for the Amazon may not be the official one (like a fan page or something). I did find the author Good Reads page. In fact I found the third book on the Good Reads page. Thing is? Lots of people have it as marked-to-read, not having read.

Now, I make this sound easy, as if I just googled a few words and stuff came up. It was not that easy. Getting to the GR and the Amazon page were, but I did some other stuff. I looked up his name (Rick and Richard). I looked up the book series, the titles, asking about the third book. I searched for a website, and found reviews for the first book but that’s it. What do I do next? Turn to the book itself.

Oh wow. There’s a website.

back of the book with the website: http://www.TheKeepersWW3.com

Guess what doesn’t exist.

I’m telling you, look it up yourself and see. It’s a unregistered domain, aka the “did not find” error display when you type up a website that doesn’t exist.

At this point, I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry because this third book? Who knows if it actually exists or not. So what do I do? Take that third title and put it in the search bar. Of the relevant searches I found, I found links to a PDF. A PDF? Wow, okay. Lets see. (I’ve found other end of novels as PDFs so this isn’t too surprising to me)

Clicks. Link is broken.

Clicks. Link is broken.

Clicks. Sends me to some reading site where I have to register to download and seems sketchy AF. (If anyone has actually gotten the PDF from there tell me, but I’m not testing that.)

So here I am, looking at this title wondering if it ever existed in the first place. The first book came out in 2009. According to GR, this book came out in 2011. Guys, I did a Google Advanced Search. Nothing new I could find. (If you can. Tell me). I also kinda gave up after a point and didn’t do a deep dive into the advanced search to find answers.

Did the author never publish? Was he copying another author and was court ordered to take it all down? Was it a limited release with only 50 copies existing in the world? (ha, I’m thinking like The Hazel Wood, or Inkspell now.) I have all these questions.

It reminds me of Trapped in Time (Zenda 9) by Ken Petti and John Amodeo. The book? Doesn’t exist. Not on PDF, not on ebook, not anywhere. It is technically the last book in the series (and I’d have to reread Zenda to be sure, but I’m pretty sure the last book is needed to complete it all). It has a cover, and a release date, and pages but I can not find this book for the life of me either. Which is highkey how it is for everyone, because no one can find it either.

I’m just saying… It’s frustrating.

I have, in the past, been able to find the end of one series that I thought was incomplete: the Little Secrets series. There was a PDF online, so that was nice, but it was never published either.

If anyone has any thoughts on it, or ideas on what happened, that would be cool. I figure you know if nothing else, at least if someone googles after me they’ll have the answer.

So, yeah. I have nothing else to say, since I really don’t want to be angry about this. So, until next time.


7 thoughts on “Missing and Lost Books: What happened to the Last Book?

  1. there is a third book. Rick friar, is my dad, hahaha I managed to find this and I saw your review for his book. I get it, it’s hard to wrap your mind around the history parts but anyways… My dad stopped writing books in 2012 and took down the site. There is a third book somewhere out there, I would check amazon because that cover you put up is the real cover of the book. It was published. He published books himself, so that’s why the trilogy didn’t become very famous. Keep looking if you really want it, but the Amazon one is the real cover.

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