Hidden Realms: Unicorn Crate

If you saw my Fairyloot Box note, then you know. Sorry for the lateness of this. Onwards!

June 2019 Unicorn Crate: Hidden Realms.

What the Box contains:

  • Before the Broken Star by Emily R. King
  • Author note and signed bookplate
  • ‘Dreamer’ sleep mask (inspired by Strange the Dreamer) by Unicorn Crate
  • ‘Tea with Mr. Tumnus’ herbal tea by Juli (riddlesteashoppe.com)
  • Rainbow Unicorn tea infuser from Unicorn Crate
  • Peter Pan page flags by Girl of all Work (girlofallwork.com)
  • a The City of Brass inspired bookmark by Unicorn Crate
  • ‘Melville Quote’ canvas tote by Unicorn Crate ft. art bu Intueri
  • ‘Velaris’ luggage tag by Erica of brioandbrandish.etsy.com
  • ‘Wonderland’ art print by Lindsay of Web and Moss (webandmoss.com)

Things I’ll use: First off, I know I’ll be using the tea. The bag I also know that I’ll use at some point. The luggage tag is great, but I already have a matching set so breaking that matching set for my matching bags would be a little weird. The art print I love, but will not be placing anywhere until I have, a place to actually put them.

Since I don’t use sleep masks, maybe I’ll try it but IDK if I will actually use it. The tea infuser I won’t be using. I tend to use my other reuseable infusers. The Peter Pan page flags are too cute to use, I don’t think I have it in my heart to use them.

Book: Book wise, I did not see any promotion for this book nor had I seen it before I opened it up in the box. Thus far Unicorn Crate has introduced me to some very interesting books and their concepts, so I have high hopes for this book based on that alone.

Alright so I bought this book box because of the art on the card for hidden realms. I saw pretty skyline and a boat and was like “space boats?” and jumped in. (Treasure Planet gets me every time) Was this an impulse buy? Absolutely. Do I regret it? No. I got a Wonderland art print, a new title to read, and a new canvas bag.

No worries, and no fears. You will get the book review of this book sometime next month! If you have any comments, remember to leave one. If not, until next time.


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