March Review Archive

March Review Archive

This month was achingly small for the amount of book reviews I wrote. I’m sorry guys! I’ll try to do better next month (April)! I actually am going to try posting these on the first (where I live) and I failed for this month but next month, I’ll try to post April’s on May 1st.

A complete Archive of all reviews from the month of March (2019):

Total Number of Reviews :

        Books : 2

        Novellas : 0

          Series Reviews : 0

         Poetry : 2


Blog Post Poll

Blog Post Poll

Outside of Alice, I love a few specific troupes and myths and creatures. I’ve decided that for weekly blog posts I will write about them all. I haven’t decided which ones to write about first and so maybe you all could help. Here is an overview of what I can write about.

Tropes I like; depending on what I have to say this may be a long post or short one.

Myths/Real life Mythos and Religions I like.

Magical Creatures that I love.

These are it for now. If you have anything else blog wise (outside of my book reviews) that you’d like to hear my thoughts on, feel free to comment in the poll.