YP – B3:QtNoWLM – Chapter 5 (Chapter 102)

195 Days Until Perseverance And the Uncertain End (part 2)

Heia stepped from the bus, and into the warehouse, where they had decided to remained holed up for the next few hours. Phaser in hand, Heia turned it over in her hand trying to ready her heart as she heard the others shuffling around her. She listened to the conversations around her.

“Most of the power cores aren’t full.”

“Attach them to solar panels and we will charge them as we drive.”

“You don’t think we will find them in the hide out?”

“We are going to have to hope that we do.”

Uly and Rayda speaking on what to do on the bus, and how they would figure out the power situation. They had enough for a few days of driving but not ten continuous days. They were going to have to figure it out and the idea of it was freaking Heia out.

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YP – B3:QtNoWLM – Chapter 4 (Chapter 101)

195 Days Until Perseverance And the Uncertain End (part 1)

Evester hated his mental map. In part, it was because it was unreliable. In part, it was because he was right about distances and the time it would get there. Sure, his mental map didn’t have the exact locations, or ways to get somewhere, but he knew how long it would take. It also proved to him, however, that if he had just had an actual map with him, he would have arrived at LakeLost faster than winging it.

But where would the fun have been otherwise?

“The city is littered in Unwanted Guest tracks.” Shawn reported as he threw his weapon to the side and shrugged off his jacket. “We are going to need to collect winter supplies if we plan to make this journey properly. Weather is changing and you city folk aren’t going to be ready.”

“We will insulate the bus starting tomorrow.” Kim suggested. She, Rayda, Shawn, and Robee had went out ahead to scout the city ahead. When they came back, Shawn had been against bringing everyone in.

“With what supplies?” Shawn glared at her. He was the only one fighting against going to the OverCity. They weren’t to be trusted, the ruins were but a horrible reminder of a past when people who lived above ground lived in towers of their own.

“Why… the supplies we are going to get, silly.” Kim giggled, leaning over the bus seat.

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YP – B3:QtNoWLM – Chapter 3 (Chapter 100)

198 Days Until Strength And the Uncertain End

The air was getting thinner, cooler, chilly. Weather, seasons, stories that Heia had once only thought were stories. The changes were happening before her again on the top side as they traveled with only so much supplies, food, and protection. Heia had always thought them real but stories, there but not, then she had lived top side for months and had seen the truth. Now as they road through the Lowerlands, the change was coming. Just the thought of the coming winter sent Heia into a minor fright. 

“Heia.” Zeydar’s voice snapped Heia from her stupor, and to face him. He stood outside the bus with her looking out to the world as those inside slept. They had, had a few rough days and they needed to sleep without moving, which meant they had to have a watch. “You okay?”

“Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping?” Where was Lynx? Lynx was her watch partner, not Zeydar. Had he traded with her, without letting Heia know? Why would he do that. He was supposed to be sleeping.

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YP – B3:QtNoWLM – Chapter 2 (Chapter 99)

199 Days Until Dread And the Uncertain End

Zeydar felt the strangest itch on the back of his spine. It was not a normal itch, as in one he could scratch. It was not a pain from pulling something in his wild escape, or the lightness of a bug crawling over his skin. It was the touch of magic, circling its way through his body ready to capture him in its grasps. The Superiors, he understood as he snapped off the magic before it could take hold and root itself in him. He was not broken from their connection, but severed from it in a way that only he had control, hopefully. They could not control him again and he knew he was safe from afar. He had no idea how it would work when he saw them again. Being free from them from the time being was the best he could ask for.

What fascinated him about being free now was that he thought about before. He thought of his wild thoughts from days before — although it felt like forever ago at this point and who was he to disagree? —and the fact that he had been able to take control over his body, mind, soul, and magic. Then he’d felt unified in a way that was painful, but liberating all at once. Everything had been far too overwhelming, compared to the detached dream that he lived in daily, however he had control again. If he told the others that he wished to break free of Sweet Dream completely, it would be far from a lie. He’d tasted sobriety in it’s painful vivacity and he wanted it. He wanted that power over his life, something he had long forgotten since the collapse of Arcadia that was not his fault.

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YP – B3:QtNoWLM – Chapter 1 (Chapter 98)

After Persisting

Their new home, the new new one that they had found in order to escape prying eyes and Unwanted Guests, was in the “lost” parts of the city. It was fortified, hard to find, and the only place that Heia thought was possibly safe for their growing family of orphans. Orphans, that’s what they were now. Orphans, who had to find trade items in a world where jobs no longer mattered. After the Catastrophe they had lived above ground, for weeks, as the city was solidified. They didn’t have a home then, and this new one was only doing so much. Now that they were Orphans, hiding from those who could take them, they had to fight to survive in a way that Heia had never thought possible outside of stories. She was living it, and each day they had more mouths to feed.

They cycled through, Heia, Andre, Kony and Kori, getting supplies and searching for their family. Layla and Karla staid behind, always, to watch the babies and the little ones who Heia kept finding and bringing back. She would find more Orphans each day and bring them back home, would be handed children by their parents because some one people knew. Somehow everyone knew that they were a family of lost children now. With all the new kids, it was getting difficult to survive. They needed more hands, more people to help them survive. Just four more, just four. A mother, a father, a sister, a brother. Just four, that was all she needed. Heia refused to believe her missing family members were dead. Unfortunately it seemed that each time she refused to believe it, they were met with more orphans, more mouths, and more problems. Each day they were met by more dead who could no longer be presumed missing. Each hour they were further from finding their family alive than before.

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YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 51 (Chapter 97)

Resistance (Part 3) 

Heia looked at the back of Zeydar who stood in the light of the morning looking deadly serious and completely sober, although she knew he was hopped up on Sweet Dreams. He stood outside the bus looking out to the world, as if he had never seen it in person people. Heia figured he never had, having been in CloudCity after CloudCity his entire life. The smell of their breakfast, or dinner depending on the perspective, clung to the air as a memory. It would perhaps be the last dinner they could cook out in the open for a long time.

“Alright.” Zeydar spun his staff looking back to all those who were airing out the bus and preparing for their sleep. “We will just need a half hour.” 

“You got it, but nothing more.” Evester answered for them. Most had not gotten a goo night sleep, save Phil, Lynx, and Onyx, who were on duty to drive that morning and afternoon as everyone else caught up on sleep. “We are going to sleep.”

“Go ahead.” Zeydar looked to Kony who stood next to Heia. “Ready?”

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YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 50 (Chapter 96)

Resistance (Part 2)

Zeydar’s head rolled on Evester’s shoulder as the bus bounced a bit along the dirt road away from the Tower. He was finally asleep, after having Dreamed awake for a few hours. Evester could care less that a potentially dangerous weapon had fallen asleep on him. Evester was probably the only one he truly knew out of all of them. He didn’t care how easy it had been for them to get out of the encirclement without being caught. He didn’t care that at the moment he had an exponentially larger team than expected. No, what bothered him at that moment was what Zeydar had said, that he had been on Dreams since he was a kid because of the Stars. It hadn’t hit Evester before, but in that moment Evester understood what Kim and Uly had felt when they’d brought Crass, Rayda, Lynx, and Onyx into the team. Evester wanted nothing more than to help Zeydar and he didn’t know why.

“Where do we go?” Kim asked walking to the back as they drove through the night. She spoke so loudly it startled Evester. Evester looked to her, then to Heia who sat in the seat across from Evester. She glanced over to him, fully awake, and then up to Kim herself. Evester looked back to Kim seeing her looking at Zeydar before returning her focus to Evester.

“Safe house.” Evester whispered not wanting to wake the others.

“Yes, but where. You keep saying that but where.” Kim sat on the seat with Heia. Heia shot Kim a look and then moved over a bit, letting Kim sit comfortably. Kim smiled back at her before glaring at Evester.

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YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 49 (Chapter 95)

Resistance (Part 1) 

The Tower was still red, in light. The absolute silence of the speaker system, left a sort of eerie lack of sound in the world. Heia had not lived in the Tower for too long and even she knew that the silence was weird, wrong, uncertain. It felt as if no one could create any sort of sound because the speakers were void of noise. Yet the world still sung, in buzzing broken speakers, in the light sound of raging fires, of alarm bells and the crunch of rocks as they moved.

The Tower had been evacuated over the course of multiple days, leading the  way for survivors to make it off the most damaged floors. Many had died, but not nearly as many as could have been killed had Zeydar not been able to stop the destruction. Save them, Heia was not sure anyone was on the floor. Heia pulled her mask up on her face, eyes down. The bus was cast in a energy that she did not want to address, for it would address the destruction and they all wanted to act like they weren’t riding through it illegally, to find someone who might not exist.

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YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 48 (Chapter 94)

202 Days Until Collapse And the Uncertain End (Part 8) 

Zeydar awoke with a gasp, pulling himself from the floor that was drenched in sweat. His head pounded with the lights that flickered, or perhaps his heart beat. He was not sure. Everything was far too bright, and he had no idea how long he had been out. Everything was eerily quiet save the thunderous sound of the shattered lights, but he knew that was his senses picking up on them for louder than they were. Magic circled around him, begging him to use it. His body was unscathed, and he felt refreshed in a way that told him he had healed himself when he had passed out. 

The Council room was empty, not a soul to be found. They had not found him yet, and the Tower was still standing. Perhaps they were waiting to see if it would fall. Perhaps not much time had passed at all. The immediate danger was over, he knew, but the other danger was coming. Pulling himself to his feet, he moved from the Superior Council room and outside. Spreading his magic out he felt the city evacuated still. There was little to no life on the CloudCity floor, perhaps scavengers looking for things in Circle abandoned houses. He would not check.

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YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 47 (Chapter 93)

202 Days Until Collapse And the Uncertain End (Part 7) 

Zeydar walked through the flames of the street, pushing them back and leaving a path for the others to escape based on the route he had seen from Evester’s map. In an instant he knew how to help the Tower, not by memory but by magic. There was a map in the darkness, and Zeydar now knew where everything was, where everything to destroy would be.

He knew how to escape.

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