YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 56 (CHAPTER 407)

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Promises And The Days (15) That Passed (part 3)

Zeydar stood in the control room, looking over the diagnostics of everyone. He typed in a few things to the Project, and watched as the autopilot started and the take off began, out of orbit. The trip had begun. Taking a moment, with his staff, Zeydar placed all his magic into the magic reserves, deep within the ship. The Superiors had made them for the intergalactic travel, to assist with fuel and movement. He’d have to refill them in time, but there was more than enough for now.

“Ready?” Evester called from the door.

Zeydar had emptied himself completely. Leaving all his Staffs on the table, he turned to Evester.

“We have started our course,” Zeydar said. “All the other ships are locked down, and following.”

“Everyone is asleep? Just us then?”

“Just us.” He looked back at the vitals one more time.

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 55 (CHAPTER 406)

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Promises And The Days (15) That Passed (part 2)

Heia stood squeezing her arms tight, next to Zeydar who seemed almost dream like as he watched. They were the last four awake, and that was soon to be three. Heia bit back tears, kept them deep in her chest and kept a smile on her lips as she waited. Evester helped Kim into her chamber. For the sake of safety, the six of them were separated throughout the labyrinth of cells. In the event that the ship lost power, it was important that they would not all die at once. Evester hooked Kim up, gave her one last hug.

“Keep your chin up.” She told him.

“I’m trying.” Evester said as he kissed her cheek and stepped aside.

“Ready?” Heia asked her, leaning close. She took Kim’s hand and squeezed.

“Not fully.” Kim admitted, “But we never are.”

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 54 (CHAPTER 405)

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Promises And The Days (15) That Passed (part 1)

Evester sat before the screen looking at the faces of his parents and his brother as his sister and Uly sat with him. Like him, they were all dressed in the plain white smocks necessary for the cryostasis machines. He hated the way the fabric felt. It was itchy and scratched at his skin in some places. It was not comfortable as it clung to his every movement. There was not much he could do about it.

“Everything is in order.” Uly told Maverin.

Everyone on all the other ships were asleep. Only EverDanger remained awake, for the time being. Final calls were underway. The entirety of the ship was spotless and mostly decommissioned. All power was rerouted to the stasis chambers and the flight mechanisms.

“The other Ships are in auto pilot,” Maverin said. “Once the flagship starts off, everything will go from there.”

Zeydar would be the one to give the command to leave. From what Evester knew, Uly had gone over everything one last time to check the response and communication between the ships. He said they were ready, and Evester believed him.

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 53 (CHAPTER 404)

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Unity And The Days (14) That Passed   

Heia flipped through the documents on the tablet once more as she heard the sound of the door. Ignoring it, she continued to read. There was not much time, and she had spent too much of it worrying. the plans were in the system. Most people were asleep. All of the Superiors had given their magic. In a few short hours the final calls on the EverDanger ships would be had and they’d be sent to rest too. She had a few hours, at max, to get through everything.

“Can I talk to you?” Europa’s sweet voice was a early spring chill that made Heia stop reading.

Startled, she faced Europa. “What’s wrong?”

“I want your opinion on something.” Europa held a tablet close to her. She approached slowly, and Heia held out her hand. When Europa handed over the tablet, she shifted and looked away.

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 52 (CHAPTER 403)

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Love And The Days (13) That Passed  

Zeydar found Evester in the control room, making voice recordings. He stood for a series of minutes as Evester spoke to the him of the future. They were songs. They were messages. They were reminders of love and hope. Zeydar wondered how many had been made, how often Evester had been working at it. If Evester understood that by making them, it would make Zeydar miss him more in those short few days each time.

“I won’t be that lonely,” Zeydar said when Evester finished another song.

Evester nearly jumped in his chair as he turned back around. There was both apprehension and surprise, bleeding across Evester’s face. Perhaps it would have been best to leave Evester to his own devices.

“I don’t like the idea of you being awake when I’m not. I don’t want you to fall in love with someone else,” Evester joked.

“Who? My reflection?” Zeydar approached. Evester yawned and turned around holding out his arms to Zeydar who approached and straddled him on the chair. 

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 51 (CHAPTER 402)

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Blessings And The Days (12) That Passed  

The room was dark other than the shine of the planet and the sun in the distance. The glow of the project continued to run as Zeydar slid over the documents to Maverin. Zeydar figured that the hand over was more dramatic than it had to be. However, they were supposed to be asleep, and if someone saw the lights, the chance of them getting caught was higher.

“Is this it?”

“For now? Yes.”

It was the whole plan for their travel. It included a rough idea of what Zeydar predicted after glancing over the data the third time. He had gone through Uly’s data and had included it into the plan. He had gone over all of the details from Uly and had come up with the predictions of the world, along with what was to be suspected as they got closer.

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 50 (CHAPTER 401)

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Marriage And The Days (10) That Passed (part 3) 

Zeydar watched as Uly walked in dressed in fully ivory. If it weren’t for the fact that Zeydar had expected it, after seeing the suits, he would have been floored. What an archaic wedding practice. Europa showed it on her face, with unfiltered love and adoration.

“Who gives this man?” Estashia asked when Evester and Uly got close.

“I, Evester Igilistal, the groom’s best friend, standing in place for his mother and father,” Evester answered.

Europa stepped forward and offered her hand to Uly, who took it. Evester stepped back, into place, mirroring Kim as Uly mirrored Europa, their hands held over the candles that floated in a basin of water on a table beneath them. Maverin and Estashia stood behind the two, watching everything with scrutiny.

Maverin began the ceremony with beautiful words, simple and succinct. They went over their vows, as well as a variety of additional customs. Estashia said a few things to Uly, in which he vowed, and Maverin to Europa. They recited their personal vows, and then exchanged rings that were simple, gold with inlaid purple stones. The ceremony itself, was far less time than Zeydar would have expected with the amount of time it had taken to get ready.

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 49 (CHAPTER 400)

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Marriage And The Days (10) That Passed (part 2) 

Heia stood in the corner, uncertain of why she was in the room to begin with. It was way too early and unlike Kim and Europa who were nearly bouncing, Heia wanted to get back to bed. Kim fussed over Europa’s hair, as Estashia went over the wedding vows with her. Yawning Heia sat, not knowing what to do or what was expected of her. Europa looked beautiful, Heia had to admit. The girl was beaming and going over the words as if she had been born with them engrained in her memory.

Kim stepped back, once it looked at if Europa’s hair was completed.

“Alright. Girls. Can you step out?” Estashia asked.

Heia tried not to jump from the chair, but she failed. She left the room quick, with Kim who only yawned once they were outside and the door was shut. Once outside, she saw Zeydar waiting, dressed in a light purple suit, shirt, tie, and belt suit with his hair slicked back. Like her, he was dressed in a light shade of purple that was similar to pastel lavender. They matched. Unlike the details for Zeydar, however, she was happy that her own dress was simple. Evester had picked well.

“You look great.” Zeydar said to her.

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 48 (CHAPTER 399)

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Marriage And The Days (10) That Passed (part 1) 

Evester knocked on the door not caring for the noise. He continued knocking until he heard the click of the lock. Uly threw open the door to his room with a glare. He was shirtless and a mess. He looked as if he had just been woken, and considering the time, Evester could not fault him for the attitude. It was shortly after five in the morning, and if Zeydar’s sleeping time was any indication, Uly had gone to bed less than a few hours ago.

“Is Europa here?” Evester asked, looking into the darkness. He heard rustling from inside. His sister, awake as well.

“What do you want?” Uly hissed. “Do you know what time it is?”

“Don’t give me that attitude. You’re the one who finished your review of the data late.”

Uly had finished his review over the new home data at midnight. He’d officially handed everything over to Zeydar, who had completed his second run through of the data for the travel to the new home. Uly looked like he’d finally been able to relax, but Evester was going to have to work miracles with coverup in order to erase the dark circles.

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 47 (CHAPTER 398)

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Strategy And The Days (6) That Passed (part 3) 

All of EverDanger was connected to the call as Maverin stood in front, giving the presentation. Zeydar was off to the side next to Evester, working away, without a care in the world. It was as if nothing else mattered. Heia watched the two of them work and tried to focus on Maverin. Would he bring up Zeydar waking up? It was what the meeting was for, waking…

“We will wake up in rounds.” Maverin started the meeting. “As everyone knows. EverDanger and the Igilistal’s are first. We will then wake the workers followed by the soldiers, scientists, and additional important leaders. We will wake the Superiors and all other first settlers who will be able to adapt to the planet before moving to the general population. As of right now, full waking is suspected to take place over the course of ten years.”

“This will be dependent on how fast we can develop and build our cities,” Uly continued. “As such, everyone will need to be prepared to assist with all physical labor.”

“Now. The order for EverDanger waking.” Maverin sighed looking at everyone. Heia sat up a bit straighter.

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