YP – B3: QtnoWLM – Chapter 27 (Chapter 124)

168 Days Until Faith And the Uncertain End (part 1)  

The safe house was a farm, long abandoned when the Catastrophe struck. There was no food. But it was a shelter outside of their bus and it felt good to stretch out. They called it a safe house, but there was no safety out in the Aralax lands. There simply had not been any sign of Aralax in miles surrounding the location, and that was all they could rely on for safety at this time. Evester laid on the ground of the farm house knowing that soon it would be covered in blankets.

“The night is going to freeze us. The space heater won’t be enough.” Uly warned Evester as he worked to covered windows. Most of the others were pulling their weight but Evester was not. He knew he should, but he could not bring himself to. Not when it was the first time he could lay on his back without feeling as if he had no space to do anything.

“How long are we going to be here?” Kori asked as she helped unload blankets into the room.

“This is our hide out until we find my father.” Evester sat up abruptly. He noticed how everyone looked at him startled by his movement.

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YP – B3: QtnoWLM – Chapter 26 (Chapter 123)

170 Days Until Panic And the Uncertain End   

The bus went screeching, bodies flying forward, waking all those who had been asleep. At first, she thought it was a dream, her own body reacting suddenly outside of her control. However the jolt was too powerful, too much, and her face was seconds from slamming into the seat before her. Heia jumped up, to keep people from flying too far over, as the bus came to a halt. With a thud the bus stopped and the bus was a mess of groans and snappy comments. People moved about gathering weapons as Zeydar took to his feet, eyes narrowing ahead of them. Heia looked back to make sure no one was injured in the sudden stop.

Rather than injured they looked distraught and ready to fight, awake and ready to do whatever it took to survive.

“What’s wrong?” Evester ran towards Rayda who was driving. He jumped over bodies who had fallen into the aisle and climbed over the seats to get to her.

“You will want to see this.” She announced to them, standing and preparing her weapon herself.

Heai whipped her head back forward to where the bus lights still shined. Through the dark there were the feint traces of red before them. A pool of blood glimmering under their bus lights. The bus dropped into silence as others strained to hear. The only sound was the sound of static over the radio connection.

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YP – B3: QtnoWLM – Chapter 25 (Chapter 122)

172 Days Until Progress And the Uncertain End

Sinking slowly into the dust, Zeydar breathed out exasperated. They were finally let off the bus to take time to themselves. The air was thin, crips, and bit at him freezing him, but it was something else. For five days they had retreated. For five days they had fought to disappear again. For five days they were no closer to finding Evester’s father.

“Remember to be on the look out!” Uly called to them as they exited to a broken city, that had been taken by the Aralax.

“Shawn on me!” Kim called. “We are going to check for Aralax marks.”

“Weapons at the ready everyone.” Evester ordered to all those who were moving about.

Zeydar did not care if they were in danger or not. He was more preoccupied with drinking in the air and letting his body relish in the magic around him. Out of confinement. Able to stand still for a moment. Away from everything and anything that had hurt him.

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YP – B3: QtnoWLM – Chapter 24 (Chapter 121)

177 Days Until Confrontation And the Uncertain End (part 5) 

Evester threw open the doors to where the Xs were being held as Heia tried to find keys to break them free. Evester examined them, closely, to see if there was any experimentation done to them. And while he could find no physical proof, he wasn’t inclined to believe that they were okay. What scientists had been involved in this? Which families? Which political monsters profited from this?

There were so many questions that he did not have answers to. Questions he would not get answers to. Things that he needed to know before anything went crazier than it was already. He could not let anything like this happen again. However there was a sickening notion that rang in his mind that told him, that it already was.

“We have to save them now!” Kony cried out to Zeydar. “We don’t have time to go and save them if we take too long.”

“Fine.” Zeydar breathed out. He looked horrible. He was sweating, his eyes were glazed and his skin was pale. Yet, he was the only one who could get them out. Now. “Step back and everyone needs to get on the ground.”

Kim and Evester relayed his message, and Evester watched as Zeydar used his magic to blast apart much of the metal bars. He made just enough space for people to walk through.  To one knee, Zeydar collapsed and Evester got to his side as Heia helped people flee. Zeydar breathed out heavily, as if he were gasping for breath and would not get it no matter how much he tried.

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YP – B3: QtnoWLM – Chapter 23 (Chapter 120)

177 Days Until Confrontation And the Uncertain End (part 4) 

They made it outside the horror hospital as it went up in flames. Evester first, followed by the others, watching the outside world to make sure that they were not ambushed in the process. For moments they wanted for Zedyar. In her hands, Heia held his drug box, slipping it into her bag, telling herself she’d give it to him never. They needed to control him better for his own sake. The explosions grew around them. The heat of the hospital grew with the color of the flames. It was a second later that Zeydar walked out of the doors completely unharmed.

“How could anyone do that?” Kony cried to Kim. He was no longer unable to stand, no longer right of mind.

“Absolute terrors of humans.” Kim answered him, holding him close as they tried to figure what to do next.

“Do Circles hate X’s that much?” He begged her grabbing her sleeve.

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YP – B3: QtnoWLM – Chapter 22 (Chapter 119)

177 Days Until Confrontation And the Uncertain End (part 3)

Zeydar looked at Kony who sat with wide eyes and his knees curled to his chest. He was panicked, in breath and in his eyes. The poor boy looked like he had seen something worse than death, and it made Zeydar worried for what was in the room. However, at the moment his focus was on Kony. The boy reminded Zeydar of the reflections he had seen after the fall of Arcadia. Kony was Zeydar’s first priority.

“It’s not okay.” Kony grabbed Zeydar’s hand, digging his finger nails into Zeydar’s palms. Zeydar was afraid Kony would draw his own blood. “It’s not. We have to save them.”

Save them? Zeydar looked up to Kim who watched the hallway paler than he thought she should be. He heard Evester and Heia speaking from inside the room. Pulling his hand from Kony’s hand he turned to the door once more. He knew, that in the moment that he should help Kony, help Kony be okay. Unfortunately, he had a feeling that if he did not address the room, Kony would not be helped.

“Be careful.” Kim warned Zeydar as Zeydar stood and moved to enter after Evester and Heia.

Unsure, Zeydar stepped inside to find a massive hall of tables and chambers. In some of the glass chambers — cylinders, cubes, shapes of all sorts — there were bodies floating. In some cases they were multiple bodies being combined together. In others, it was parts of a body, or a single limb. There were masses of monsters lying on the tables. In part and full. Aralax and human, separate. Humans combined, Aralax combined, Aralax and humans combined.  There were bodies dissected, others that were being tested on. 

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YP – B3: QtnoWLM – Chapter 21 (Chapter 118)

177 Days Until Confrontation And the Uncertain End (part 2)

The three ran through the streets headed to their next target. Explosions sounded around them, far enough away that they would not be hit in the fire, but close enough that they knew where it came from. Explosions from over loaded boilers and other fires that had been intentionally started by their attack. Screaming, sirens, gun shots, the world was a war zone as they ran ahead without worry. Zeydar’s magic was more powerful than it had been in Valaria. Or was it that he was directing it directly over them so it seemed more powerful?

Evester was not sure. 

Evester was sure that the others were acting in the way that they needed to. It was absolute chaos. He had yet to hear another instance of command from the others, or an inkling of what they were doing. However, the driven fight that was happening as the city broke apart in madness, meant they were acting. Hopefully in a way that saved the people that they’d come for in the first place. And the supplies that they still needed to retrieve.

“Report has come in. Military units are responding.” When Uly’s voice came over the headset it was like a melody so sweet, Evester forgot that he was out of breath. A lullaby from a long forgotten mother.

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YP – B3: QtnoWLM – Chapter 20 (Chapter 117)

177 Days Until Confrontation And the Uncertain End (part 1)

Heia awoke the day of the heist, wide eyed and ready. She first noticed Zeydar, who sat with his back against the wall, listening and far from asleep. Evester, too, was oddly seated against a wall, not awake nor asleep fully. Zeydar was awake, Heia believed, because he was too stressed to sleep. Evester, however, Heia knew slept in the way because he had reverted to the form he’d taken when searching for Heia. Either way, she knew both of them were ready for what was to come that day. They’d been in the city for no more than a few hours, but she was already ready to leave.

Shivering, Heia sat up, looking between the two for confirmation that they were ready. It was upon her movement that both looked up themselves focusing on her for the smallest of moments. What felt like a pulse went between them, as they breathed in unison.

“Ready?” Evester asked after a moment of absolute silence.

“Any word from anyone?” Zeydar opened up his hand that had been in his pocket. In his hand was a small box, holding what Heia knew to be his drugs. Evester eyed him as Zeydar opened the box ignoring them both. “I asked a question.”

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YP – B3: QtnoWLM – Chapter 19 (Chapter 116)

178 Days Until Horror And the Uncertain End   

Zeydar huffed to himself, trying to keep his breathing as stable as Heia and Evester and failing. Heia once more shot him a glare telling him to be quiet, but then caught herself before looking away. Zeydar knew that he was a weak link in the group, especially with his lack of ability. She knew it too, which was why she couldn’t reprimand him. They had to try, and he just needed to try harder. Even if his head was spinning.

“Do you feel anything?” Evester asked once more as they got closer. This time Zeydar had an answer.

“Yes.” Zeydar tried not to alert the mages that they were approaching. There were too many of them for it to be a consequence. “Mages everywhere.”

After the talks had started and more teams had gotten in, it had been clear that it was Circles and Stars paying X’s to kidnap people. What for, they were not sure. Where they were being held? No one knew. As Evester, Heia, and Evester tried to sneak around the city, masking themselves in shadows, they headed to find a location to wait out the signal and destruction of the city. 

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YP – B3: QtnoWLM – Chapter 18 (Chapter 115)

179 Days Until Gloom And the Uncertain End   

“A problem?” Uly asked over the headset trying to  keep calm of his emotions. Evester opened his eyes as the other breaths around him went silent. They too were awake. Heia then sat upright in a panic. Uly was the second to sit up.

“There are Stars.” Karla answered. “Magicians. Threes, probably, because they have not been able to notice us yet.”

Stars? What were Stars doing in the hideout? Evester shot a look to Zeydar, who sat with his head rolled from side to side as he tried to keep himself awake. 

“Crass says we should be okay, but you need to be more careful.” Karla continued.

“What does it look like in there?” Kim was the first one other than Uly to respond.

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