Happy Valentine's Day!

Gonna make this real short. I’m going to Europe for the next two weeks (12 days but same difference), and as such starting Tuesday of next week, you won’t be getting anything. So that’s two weeks of reviews. Which won’t bother most anyone.

Also, I’m going to give you all four YP chapters today and tomorrow. Hopefully everything will be solidified on my blog by next week Tuesday. Fingers, crossed.

See you all when I come back! Or you can follow me on Instagram/Twitter. I might still be using them. Otherwise. Until next time,


Year End Update

I know, I know, we have a little less than two months yet for the end of the year. I am not sure, if you are aware just how little time that is for the end of the year.

It’s not a lot of time.

I figure I will take this chance to tell you about upcoming Wednesday content for the end of the year.

Dragon books have been mostly bought. Mostly, not all, but mostly. So December is basically good to go. (Although I do have to say a lot of these books were much smaller than I thought they would be. This is great for me, because it means that I will be reading most quick for most of them. (Priory has an actual chance of being completed? WOW)

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Top Ten Tuesday: Bookmarks

You know what today is? Tuesday! You know what that means? Top Ten Tuesday! (Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018.) 

November 12: Favorite Bookmarks 

As in book marks I use or the ones I think are the prettiest of what I have. Because I have pretty book marks that I don’t use.

I’m going to go with my favorite book marks that I use.

This list is going to be my favorite book marks to use. Rated by how often I reach for them. As a note. I only really reach for bookmarks on rare occasions, because most of the time I finish a book I one go.







Actually, any of the Book Depository book marks I reach for a lot. I have a copious amount of them.



I’m actually left this bookmark somewhere and I do not know where. As such I can not find it, but I’m going to describe it.

It’s a black book mark with a weight on the end of the tassels. It has a quote on it that I can not think of right now.


A sticky note folded in half when I need a book mark but don’t have my black bookmark (or any of them) near me. Mostly done when I’m reading at work.


Leaving the book open on a surface, facedown. So that the pages are spread apart on the counter surface as I quickly do what ever needs my attention.

I don’t know what else to say so…

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YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 8 (Chapter 54)

228 Days Until Connection and the Uncertain End (Part 1)

Zeydar sat in his room looking over his hands. They were his hands, weakened in a way. He gaze was focused, and his blood was as clear as it could get. But his mind was driving him insane.

How had this happened?

Pounding lights and music. Colors that were changing as people partied late into the night. An After Party to what ever massive event had happened down town. He had went to the house party for one purpose only. Typically he didn’t sneak off Star Campus so far to find James, but he he had been determined to find his dealer and to get what he needed.

Zeydar had seen the madness of something between an orgy and dancing, between life and death, the combination of dreams and reality in the physical form. 

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Happy Site Anniversary

Well. Not really. The site’s anniversary was last year yesterday. A hundred plus followers and two hundred posts later, we have arrived at the 365 day point.

For those of you who have no clue. I started this blog as a way to vent about books that I read to myself other than my friends and family, over and over and over again. Telling my book loves to strangers online, somehow worked out better?

My first real post on here was a review of a convention that was this past weekend, I believe. And my most current was on book TBRs and tea. How far we have come.

What’s new?

Nothing, probably. I will probably be adding more content as we move on forward through the year.

I have decided to start the Youtube, so that will come next month. IDK what sort of videos yet, but I do have one I’ve been meaning to do for, forever.

Other updates: I am going to hopefully have my TBR post out in time. IDK weddings, you know? Going out on trips always screws with my time line. I should have it out tho.

I do have the dragon post coming out today, so don’t worry. It’s coming. I promise~

Thank you all for sticking with me! You are amazing, and make me so happy!

Until next time,