The Yasloughve Project Magic System Write-Up

LOL is this Magic Bible as detailed as it could be? No. Is it what I’m giving to you? Yes.

And yes, don’t come at me with the “not as detailed as it could be?!?” comments. Because, yes, I realize this is long. But I could go more in depth. Trust me. This is just the surface.

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YP Update

Hello Everyone who reads YP!

I suppose you realized that last weekend we reached chapter 199 of the continued count. That means there are 199 chapters for the entire story right now! Isn’t that exciting?

Before we get to the news I am going to lament for a moment. You all suck. I gave you a poll and no one answered. I actually went through the poll and answered it myself, just so that I could check to make sure it was working. AHHH. Whatever. At this point, your opinions don’t matter.

I know that in the past when I have written the words update, it is usually to tell you all that I will be coming back from a hiatus soon. (I promise. I promise. I promise. Echoing in the background like a broken record player that will not keep that promise) This time is not that! I got better news.

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