YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 13 (CHAPTER 273)

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59 Days Until Mastery And the Uncertain End (1)

Zeydar tossed his bag over his shoulder, shifting his weight, as he jumped down from the car. Kony landed next to him with a soft thud. Shawn landed last, moving past them to walk to the front of the car, as Kony shut the door. Zeydar watched as Shawn took a map and a set of keys from the driver, before nodding to Kony and Zeydar, walking away from the car that headed down the alley as if its short stop had never happened.

Leaving the CloudCity had been the hardest part to plan. Uly had to make a secret compartment in a car, rented by Graceon. The group getting them out had been a crew hired by those that Europa trusted with their lives. Zeydar and Kony had to hide in the car, in the compartment, as the car left the main gate of Ovaria. Everything had been checked, and even with the bribes and control, Zeydar’s heart had been racing. He could feel the Superior bond tugging at him as he moved away from the Superior campus. It was as if it were reminding him, that he could not act first.

The second vehicle that they were going to get would take them from the top of the Tower to the bottom. Unlike the slow bus that had struggled to get up, they were to take a top of the line military vehicle. With the quiet tap of their feet, Zeydar walked close to Kony, trailing after Shawn who was breathing sharp in the crisp Tower morning air. They had a day to get down, and needed to get on the inter-floor Tower elevator in order to accomplish the task. It was exclusive for military, and Zeydar could only hope that Shawn could get them through.

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YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 12 (CHAPTER 272)

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60 Days Until Reports And the Uncertain End (part 3)

Zeydar waved his students off. The few stragglers, collected their books. A few asked Zeydar some questions before the room emptied and finally Zeydar collapsed in the chair next to Shawn who was half asleep.

“I’m going to go get lunch.” Shawn yawned, standing. “Don’t wander off.”

“Disappear. Got it.” Zeydar laughed as Shawn flipped him off and left the room. Alone, Zeydar started grading papers, thinking to himself on the books he needed to look over and the information that he had to retrieve for the tablet. The news about the attacks was scheduled to have broken during his class, and thus more than anything, he was waiting for the talk. He was waiting for Marjorie to walk into the room and—

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YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 11 (CHAPTER 271)

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60 Days Until Reports And the Uncertain End (part 2)

Heia refrained from clenching at the hem of her shirt as she listened to the reports that were coming in over the headsets. She stood with Kim watching out as the three teams led by Lynx, Onyx, and Robee raced around as the teams representing the Aralax, Trace and Kori, attacked them back. Heia continued to keep her face as monotonous and straight lipped as possible. The screens showing the camera angles from the drones, depicted the magical effects from the mages and what it possibly could be like with a real battle.

However it was not real battle, and Kori and Trace were not touched, nor were their teams. Seeing the way that the magic was used, however had her thinking. What were the best maneuvers to employ with the magical protection? What about new moves? With the new assistance, a whole world of possibilities opened up before her.

“Okay call them to stop.” Alan Penn spoke in irritation.

Kim hurried to call everyone to a stop as Heia looked to the man. He grimaced at the computers, and Heia felt a swell of pride level within her chest. IT had been an excellent display, far greater than the man had expected, and with that, Heia was in the position to use it to her advantage.

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YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 10 (CHAPTER 270)

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60 Days Until Reports And the Uncertain End (part 1)

Evester hissed into the night. The air stung at his skin and he felt the chill of the spring washing over him. It was supposed be getting closer to summer, not colder. Yet, he felt frigid. The light breeze washed over them. His hot breathe was white against the dark night and the light of thee stars.

“You good?” Rayda asked over intercom.

“Any sight?” Evester asked.

“Not yet.” Crass answered.

“Stay vigilant.” Evester knew that the Aralax were on their way. The Project would not lead them astray.

The battle was predicted to be a single night attack. If Evester could help it, he would ensure it was a single night. They had gathered all those who remained in the city, to a secure location in the city itself. They had been able to cut the population of the city from a million to a hundred thousand. It was a large jump in numbers but a hundred thousand people was still a big group. They remained in the city and all the planes to save them were away. If only Evester had one more day. 

They had to make it through the night.

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62 Days Until Leaving And the Uncertain End 

Heia stood watching. Teams maneuvered about each other and the magic tactical course that May had developed. There was teamwork, legitimate teamwork of the likes Heia had been afraid would never happen. It was all she had hoped for but seeing it made her dread it more. Would the act keep up the moment that May walked away?

“Good?” May asked.

“Do you have to leave?” Heia hoped that there was a chance that May would not have to leave and that she would stay and that this would not be a momentary success.

“Unfortunately. Zeydar needs me.”

Or was it Shawn that May wanted to go back to? Heia doubted that Zeydar actually needed May’s assistance.

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63 Days Until Planning And the Uncertain End

Zeydar was sitting in the dinning room, next to Shawn, when Uly walked into the room with Europa at his heels. Maverin walked in after him. Both Uly and Maverin had different looks on their faces upon being released. Maverin had a pep in his step, clean shaven, cut hair, cleaned up and proper. Uly too was cleaned up, but his expression was distant, darker, perturbed. Zeydar wondered how much Europa and Estashia had briefed them on Zeydar’s freed status, and on the situation on the Stars, or if they’d just gotten them home.

“Zeydar.” Maverin slid in the seat next to Zeydar, where Kony usually sat. Maverin examined him as the room filled with everyone else of the house. Uly sat listlessly, as Europa sat next to him, and Layla helped Europa with her notes. Andre and Endwin walked in as they were talking, with Kony following in and standing in shock that his spot was taken. A glance to his right showed that Shawn was eating as if nothing had changed.

Zeydar looked back to Maverin. “Yes?”

“My son is smitten with you.” Maverin stated a bit too loudly, making Shawn laugh. A bit of conversation dropped into whispers and Zeydar felt the other eyes on him.

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64 Days Until Confidence And the Uncertain End 

Evester wiped the sweat from his brow looking up towards a shadow and then towards the sky and sun above. He registered what had been said, trying to savor the words and believe that they were true. Hot, he breathed out before doing a double take at the soldier near him. “What?”

“Right now.” The soldier repeated.

Dropping his shovel, Evester climbed out from the trench that they were building, and hurried to grab his jacket. He followed after the soldier to the city entrance. As predicted, only two of the entrances to the city were open. The others had been caved in. The only other remaining open cave entrance, had a gap similar to the kind that Evester had seen in LakeLost. For precaution, they had set up traps for it as well, meant to cave it in, under worst circumstances.

At the only viable entrance, the city mayor stood with a variety of other persons whom Evester took as additional leaders. Amongst them was the man who had demanded that they leave upon their initial arrival. Watching him led Evester to the conclusion that the man had not been a leader of the city at all.

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65 Days Until Suspicion And the Uncertain End (part 3) 

Zeydar stood in the middle of the arena looking towards the targets. Spell on his mind, theory on his lips, history as a flash of memory, Zeydar cast his first fire spell. Then water. Then earth, shadows, wind, electricity. Element after element. Spell after spell. Still his magic stung, still his head span, but he was in control over it. Hissing he looked at his arms, seeing the skin turning red from the magic lashing out against him. 

Since he had talked with Marjorie earlier that day, he had been wondering. Why was it that his magic hurt him? Had it been that way his whole life? If it had, had they really made Dreams to save him? Or was it only given to him as he was a child and they found out his skill? Somehow thinking that it was given to him because the magic was killing him, made him feel better. Tyler hadn’t done something to hurt him then. 

He, however, wondered, if it were given as a preemptive thing. That by doing so that he had injured himself. Marjorie had not had any complications with him, so said his birth records. If it were true, it meant that he had not injured her or himself while being carried to term. His magic had accepted them both. Even weaker, he had been in equilibrium. He had a feeling that they had been afraid of his powers, that they could possibly be out of his control, and had reacted. By doing so, they had screwed him over.

“I was looking for you.” Shawn called out from the stadium.

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65 Days Until Suspicion And the Uncertain End (part 2)   

The city itself was a mess. Unlike the other UnderCities that Evester had traveled to, and around, this one in the worst shape. It had been a forgotten town, left alone when the other cities began fending for themselves, and in that Evester had expected it to be a mess. The homes were in shambles. The streets were carved by the earthquakes. There were marks of closed zones, from the danger of the electricity and plumbing. He had, however, not expected it to have nearly the number of people that it did.

“We don’t want you here.” The leader of the town glared at him.

From all over and around, people who had been rejected from other towns and cities had gathered. UnderCity Olor boasted a population of more than most of the surrounding cities in the region, and no one had known. Evester suspected that they had survived, by rejecting all outsiders who they could not trust. It was how the Unwanted Guests staid out. 

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65 Days Until Suspicion And the Uncertain End (part 1)   

Zeydar sat in the library looking at the files that he had requested. The private room that he requested was not so private, with multiple surveillance spells and three different incognito Superiors sitting going over their own books. He was happy that no one bothered him directly.  

He flipped through history texts on old magic, things he had not been able to read before in his youth. The books on the Superior Binding Tablet were unfortunately, too easy to read through. There were many pages missing and obvious changes to the text. It almost seemed as if the Superiors wanted to accuse him of treason, if he used the information.

Zeydar glanced at the obvious wrong information and tossed the thoughts aside. He’d get access to the full files in time, for now, he would use the time to get what was accurate out of the files. As he read, he thought of what the Tablet did to him. He thought of what had been like to have his magic pulled from his control. Even if he studied the texts for hours, he was going to be unable to do much with the information. It would take weeks to prepare with the limited knowledge they gave him, and he did not have much time for weeks. 

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