Concinnity {RW}

The world slowed as Tony took the hit of magic, directly protecting Tiana. She fell to the ground with his body on top of her. For a moment everyone stood silently, waiting on baited breath for him to rise. They watched as Tiana’s shaking hands grasped her brother’s body, pulling him closer to her. They could hear her saying his name over and over again.

“Tony. Are you okay?”


“Anthony, this is not funny.”



“Please. Tony. Please…”

“No. No. No. nonononononononono.”

And then she started screaming and their souls trembled in the sound of it. Tori raced to her siblings, crashing down next to them, helping Tiana get Tony onto his back, and checking his pulse.

Tiana screamed at them all. At the dragon prince who recoiled at her anger. At her best friend who had only been trying to help. At the magical beings who had come from the other world and had attacked them. At the boy who was supposed to keep the gate. At the bystanders who did nothing. At everyone.

They could feel the rage radiating off of her until it became their own terror, making them step back off her as the magic began to explode. She spoke with deadly consistency, such control that it made them tremble before her. They had all known what Tiana was supposed to be, and before them she had become it. “Save my brother.”

“It was magical, Tiana — I… We can not heal him.” Thato seemed to center himself again, as he stepped forward.

“Then take him somewhere, where you can.” She demanded. They watched as her eyes began to glow silver and her skin began to gleam like polished bronze. Her hair lifted from her shoulders, twisting in an invisible wind about her that no one felt physically. The chill pierced their soul, knocking them breathless. Each of her words left them gasping for air. “You are a dragon. You have to be able to help him.”

“I–” Thato was unable to pacify her.

“Isn’t there a magical spring that can revive any body and heal any wound?” Jordan stepped forward, revealing information he had held too tightly for too long. He had never wanted to believe any of what he had been told, yet he needed to. He had to step up to his destiny.

“He will never make it there. It does not revive, only heal.” Thato told him.

“Give him your heart.” Tiana’s words made the dragon turn. The one secret he had given her, the one thing he had asked her never to abuse, she demanded it of him then. “You said that a dragon’s life could be transferred to another.”

“Tiana. You don’t know what you are asking of me.” He begged her not to make him do it.

“No.” All at once she snapped into herself again. As she stood, all those that watched were certain that this was more terrifying than she had been a few moments before. She walked up to Thato and held out her hand. “I know exactly what I am asking of you.” It was a secret between Thato and Tiana. Questions circled in the heads of all those around them as Thato frowned at her. “I don’t need your love. I don’t care if your soul becomes tied to his. Bond with him. Save him. And I will find a way to break you both apart.”


“I’m done asking.” She grabbed his collar. “Fix my brother Thato. Fix him.” Thato grabbed her hand and the world watched as they starred into each other’s eyes. The intensity between them flickered before Thato dropped his hand and Tiana dropped her own. Thato walked past Tiana and picked up Tony with such ease, that Tony almost looked weightless. Tori stumbled up, chasing after him as he walked towards the rift.

Alexis watched as Tiana looked to the few fae who were still alive, before she lifted her hand towards then. As if she were lightly slapping the air, she flicked her wrist. The fae’s heads fell to the ground turning to blood and dust and Tiana turned to the rift.

“Tiana!” Alexis screamed in horror. Alexis watched as Tiana glanced back at her, emotionless and erased, before she, too, walked into the rift.

“We can’t let them go alone.” James snapped Alexis, Nate, and Jordan out of their stupor. “We can’t.”

“And we do what? That’s a magic world. We’re humans.” Nate reminded him.

“You saw Tiana. If we leave here there alone… She won’t be human anymore.” James pleaded with Alexis. “She didn’t want this. She didn’t want the power. She wanted to be human, here, with her family.”

And yet the power was the exact reason her family might be ripped from her fingers.

“If we go there…” Jordan disagreed.

“You have the whole world in that brain of yours. Step up for once.” James snapped at him. He looked at them once more before he shook his head and raced through the rift. Jordan, Nate, and Alexis were left.

“He’s right. I can’t let Tiana destroy herself.” Alexis knew that all of this mess had been her fault. She knew that Tiana had never wanted to be dragged in, yet Alexis had made her. “I have to help her.” She looked to Jordan and Nate before starring at Nate who sighed and nodded. Jordan shook his head. “Are you coming?” When Jordan did not say a word, she gave him a look that told him all he needed to know regarding her disappointment.

Jordan watched as the two stepped through the rift without him. Eyes to the rift and then to his hands he thought back to words he’d been told as a child. His family was meant to watch the rift. They were never to cross it, for they were cursed never to cross back if they did. Backing up, Jordan returned to his house.

When Jordan crossed the rift, he first tossed in multiple backpacks. He had raided his house of food. He had grabbed blankets, jackets, and clothes. He had taken weapons, armor, and disguise makeups. He had his magical artifacts and maps with him. He had compasses, constellation charts, and journals dedicated to his study (quick guides of people and places.)

“I thought you weren’t coming.” Tiana stood starring at him, the others standing behind her. Tony was standing bracing the back of a small dragon, who looked more like a horse than the most powerful of all magical creatures. Something had tied them together. Something had faded in Thato’s eyes that was now in Tony’s.

“I can’t let us go unhanded.” Jordan answered. “He can’t turn back to his human form?”

“No.” Tony answered looking to the dragon with love and pain all at once.

Tiana nodded and walked over to him and picked up a bag. The two of them starred at each other for the smallest of moments. She knew what she had done to him, to Thato, to all of them. She knew and she did not care. Tossing the bag over her shoulder, Tiana tied up her hair with the blood soaked scrunchie on her arm. She did not say a word as she tossed tow backs on to Thato, before helping Tony to his back and began walking. Tori chased after her sister. Alexis, Nate, and James grabbed their own bags giving him thanks.

Thus began their adventure into the unknown.

Alright. This is less of a chapter and more of a brain attempt at writing this. This specific scene will probably be very different when I finally write this. I just wanted to do a test on it. This scene is actually super important as a transition for the series. It is also the scene that made me want to write this. So I had this dream, which will be the basic plot of the story. This scene made me go, okay, I’m writing that. I wanted to attempt writing it so I could get an idea of their characters.

Roughly you get all the characters of Concinnity in this.

Tiana – a girl who is destined to be of great power who wants none of it.

Tori – Tiana’s younger sister who is book smart.

Tony – Wend’y older brother and Tiana’s younger brother. A good friend.

Jordan – The boy who knows way too much about things, with a curse he can’t explain.

James/Jim – A leader in the making

Nate – A hero in the making.

Thato – The dragon king.

Alexis – The normal girl who dragged everyone into the current mess.

Their personalities are far more complicated than this but for now, this is the basic description that you will get. Once again, this series will begin in October (or that is the goal). I also have character inspiration mood boards. They’re more about making a mood for the characters. If you want them, let me know.

Until Next Time,


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