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Welcoming The Uncertain End (part 3) 

Zeydar opened his eyes. He felt hot and sticky. The air was thick and a bit difficult to breathe. He was hungry, but not in the way that one needed food. He was parched but not from lack of water. His body needed magic. The moment he understood the need, the room turned into an oasis filling him. 

“Are you awake?” Evester’s voice was little more than a whisper in the dark room. It resonated off the walls, that had no other sounds save the drip of his IV. Zeydar had a vague memory of music and narration but he could not place why. His senses were on high alert, and he felt that within seconds it could become overwhelming.

“Yes?” His own voice was too loud, pounding in his head, and forcing him to wince.

“Don’t talk.” Evester kissed his cheek, pressing himself closer to Zeydar on the bed. They were holding hands, wet with sweat, but Zeydar refused to let go, because he could feel their heart beats in their hands. 

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Welcoming The Uncertain End (part 2) 

Heia sat with her siblings, as Kony patched up the wounds of the others, despite looking the worst out of all of them. Layla did not take her eyes off of him, as he moved about. He was tired. Even his forced sleep had not been enough. He had not gone back to see Zeydar yet, from what Heia knew. He was barred from the room until Majorie found his magic suitable to help. He did, however, have the tablet again. It was held by Karla.

The tablet itself, while it did not need to be held by anyone, was under Majorie and Kony’s careful watch. When Zeydar was awake, he could control the tablet with a single thought. Without him conscious, there was contention. Kony said that Zeydar still held control over the tablet, but that if someone else touched it and tried to take control, there was a chance that they would succeed.

No one wanted that.

“Stop hovering.” Trace smacked Kony’s hands away. “I’ve already changed my bandages.”

“I don’t trust Robee to do it.” Kony complained as he checked her anyway.

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Welcoming The Uncertain End  (part 1) 

Evester ran his fingers over Zeydar’s head, one more time. Zeydar slept soundly on Evester’s bed, hooked up to an IV. He looked better, but not by much. In the few hours, there had been a change in his breathing not that Evester felt comfortable leaving him for long. Between Kony feeding Zeydar magic and the Superior that had been sent to heal Zeydar, Zeydar was looking better. The Healing Superior had been able to fix the majority of his internal injuries and swore that the next one would be able to heal him of all his external ones. Magic wise, the only one who seemed to make any headway was Kony, who too needed rest.

Kony had not wanted to be separated for long, but he’d been knocked out by Kori and Karla. There was little he could do when he did not have the amount of magic necessary to replenish Zeydar in full. Kony too, needed rest and he’d only be able to help Zeydar when he was healthy.

As Evester stepped out of his bedroom, he licked his lips. The air tasted bitter and almost sour. In his bedroom it was almost sickeningly sweet. He had been able to feel the magic as it dusted his skin. In the the fluorescents of the hall he was able to see it, lightly sparkling over his skin. A new healer Superior walked past Evester into the magic saturated room with Majorie.

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29 Days Until Light And the Uncertain End

Evester held Zeydar in his arms, wanting to squeeze him but stuck cradling him in fear of breaking him. The man’s head rested on his shoulder, and his breathing was shallow. Kony held Zeydar’s hand feeding Zeydar with magic. Zeydar’s eyes did not move. His chest did not rise. He was almost dead, but not dead, in a stasis, and when Kony had gotten to them, he’d screamed and started crying.

Between Kony’s shouts for help, and Majorie’s movements protecting the tablet, Evester was able to understand that Zeydar had little to no magic left in his body. As May said, it was not a death sentence but Zeydar had nearly burned himself from the inside out. He’d used more magic than should have been possible, and he had purged his body of whiteshade too many times in the last twenty days. Zeydar was already operating in a state of unease, but he had pushed it to the absolute limit.

Evester had only noticed the injuries that lined Zeydar’s body from his arms to his back where the Aralax had burned him and clawed at him. They were injuries he had not had before he’d disappeared.

“I never thought I’d see this again.” Heia sighed, handing Kony a bottle of water.

“What did he do?” Kim asked Maverin who had made his way from the command center at the top of the Tower, down to them.

“Killed the Queen.” Maverin answered, standing over Evester and Zeydar, with narrowed eyes.

“The Queen?” Evester tried to find remorse in his father’s eyes. There was none. The man did not care that Zeydar had almost died.

“My predictions told me that the only way we could survive this attack was if we took something from them that would make them retreat. Of course, if I’m correct, the next queen will be fully mature in twenty days time. Which is why that was my deadline for us getting to space.” Maverin said to Uly.

“You killed the Queen?” Uly repeated. “What if he hadn’t been able to kill her?”

“All my research pointed to the fact that he would be able to. The issue was that I had no idea where she was.” Maverin sighed. 

Evester had known that his father had researched the Aralax in order to find the best way to kill them, but he had not expected that his father would want to kill their leader. “Won’t they retaliate?”

“No. If Zeydar told the Queen the correct message, they will not until she is old enough.”

“If he what?” Heia repeated. 

“After Zeydar confirmed that he was able to communicate with them, I began tests. If he was able to use them as I supposed, then he will have told the Queen that he wants peace, that she needs to be protected, and that their forces should retreat.”

“Peace after killing their Queen?”

“Of course no one would want peace after killing a Queen, but without her being mature enough to create more soldiers they will have to hold back. If Zeydar made them hate him, they will also know that they are not safe. They will have to try to destroy him, and focus solely on that, but they also know that with what they had tonight, that was not enough. Thus, they will need more. A new Queen can’t do that until she is mature. They will retaliate, but not until she can make more of their kind. Until then we are safe.”

“And by then we will be in space.” Uly nodded. “If this works, then I can get more people into space. We can triple our evacuations and, get everyone up into space early.”

“But. The last ship will not be done.” Maverin reminded him.

“We will have to move people from the ships they are on, to the final ship. We can do that.”

Maverin nodded. Evester rested his head on Zeydar as Zeydar snuggled closer.

“That’s the best I can do.” Kony told Evester. “He’s not as empty as before, but he needs rest and I doubt that I’ll be able to do much more. We should get a healer mage. The issue is that all the Superiors are drained and won’t be good for a few days, and the only ones capable of healing him are…”

“Superiors.” Evester nodded. “We’ll have to make due. How long will it take for you to recover Kony?”

“Not too long.”

“We can try to put our healing focus on one Superior.” Majorie offered. “And then that Superior can help as we heal the others.”

“How long will that take?”

“At least a day.” Majorie answered.

“We’ll get on it then.” Kony agreed, struggling to stand.

“We need to get back to the Tower with him.” Uly said.

“The plane is here to take us up.” Maverin turned to walk away.

Evester looked to the sun on the horizon. The sun peaked over, greeting them for the new day. With Kim and Uly’s help, Evester stood up and headed towards the plane Maverin had brought down from the Cloudcity. As Evester walked with Zeydar on his back, he saw the way that people stared at Zeydar, with awe and adoration. They knew that he had saved all their lives. He’d saved many more. In a few hours more cities would be evacuated, but all those from their cities knew that he had saved them. The other Towers might have collapsed but they had survived. Due to his efforts they’d have twenty nights without attacks, not that they knew that yet. Those who’d heard their conversation would spread the rumor and Evester wanted them to tell the world. He needed all of humanity to know what Zeydar had done to save them.

“If only he could see this.” Heia whispered to Evester as he walked. 

“He’d say he doesn’t deserve it.” Evester held Zeydar tighter. The reason they had survived the night was Zeydar.

“We will make sure this is worth it.” Heia told him. Evester nodded. Zeydar would save them, but he and Heia would make sure his efforts were not wasted. Their work might not fully begin until they got to the new world, but Evester was ready to face it. He got Zeydar into the plane, laying down with Zeydar and holding him close so that Zeydar could hear his heart beat. 

“I love you.” He whispered, and he felt Zeydar latch on to him, breathing easy. 

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30 Days Until Carnage And the Uncertain End (part 6) 

Zeydar was uncertain of what to make of what was before him. It was like a mist or miasma, shadows that made the sun’s light more of a reflection than light. It was milky, thick, looming. Zeydar had a feeling that if he touched it, it would condense on his body and drip off of his fingers like crystals. It was already difficult to breathe, and further difficult to think.

“It looks as if the Aralax have begun terraforming.” Maverin warned him. “If my predictions are correct, there will be new species in there that are specific for them.”

“Does this have to do with why we can’t live here?”

“No. I think that the breaking planet, helped establish the best conditions for their kind, and like us, they are transporting the food and animals of their world that they can consume, until they can make our planet fully their own. Think of this as a new atmosphere for them, something between magic and natural.”

“They need our own atmosphere weakened before this one can take over?”

“Yes.” Maverin answered.

Zeydar nodded.

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30 Days Until Carnage And the Uncertain End (part 5) 

The choice had been to stand outside the Tower, Mages, Military, everyone. The Superiors could draw another teleportation circle outside once the Tower was evacuated, but it was difficult to fight in a Tower, and as they had to make sure that everyone got out, there was little want to fight on more difficult terrain. Instead, they were standing outside of the Tower and its protective field, facing the enemy. With the help of the Mages, they were able to take down the flying units and stabilize the ground as the earth continued to tremble. Utoia’s earthquake, the one thought capable of destroying the Tower, had not yet occurred. The issue was that Heia had no frame of reference for when it was to occur.

Reytaria had been completely destroyed less than an hour after final evacuations and Heia was hoping that they would make it in time for Utoia. She did not want to be near a Tower as it fell. The Mages, Circle, and X militaries, however, were working in perfect sync. When they had arrived at Utoia, they’d had little time to prepare, but the time they’d gained had been enough. Their seamless cooperation had allowed them to push the Aralax into the defensive instead of the offensive. Heia was concerned about Ovaria, however she had hope that the shields would hold.

Instead of returning to Ovaria after assisting Reytaria, they had been sent to Utoia in full. Bomber planes had been rerouted outside of Ovaria and Utoia, in hopes that the Towers and the mages would give them cover. Additionally, the Superior rotation that Zeydar had implemented allowed for a whole set of Superiors to be willing and able to fight at their full strength. They worked along with the military mages and turned the battle on its head.

Heia wished they had done that from the beginning.

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30 Days Until Carnage And the Uncertain End (part 4) 

Evester raced past the walls and the soldiers who had gathered at the walls, to fight the Aralax that were trying to climb over. There was a weak point on the Tower;’s energy field between the wall and the Tower, in the air itself. Without metal reinforcement it was delicate and capable of breaking, as the flying Aralax had discovered. Heia raced with him, towards the wall where Kim was already directing attacks at the Aralax who scrambled once they got to the ground. There were not many, but the Aralax were beginning to capitalize on the weak point more.

Ovaria’s main ground was over populated from the Towers that had been evacuated to her defenses, and they could not let the Aralax win. The tragedy would be greater than if a single Tower fell. The Aralax were trying the maneuver on three sides, overwhelming the defenses with bodies and then sending flying units in through the small gaps that could be dug through.

“Clear over here.” Rayda said over the intercom.

“Evester what is the wall’s status on your side?”

“Bad.” Kim answered.

“Drones have spotted a large mass headed your way.” Uly warned them. “We will begin bombing in three minutes.”

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30 Days Until Carnage And the Uncertain End (part 3) 

Zeydar’s veins were burning, but not in a painful way. It was a warm heat that pushed him forward, followed by a frigid cool as he changed to ice magic. The air of the world breathed through him as the magic poured in and out of him in equal quantities. Spinning his Staff, Zeydar listened to the reports, and focused on this chants.

If he went after the Queen, who knew how long it would take for a new Queen to take over. If there was a Queen. Zeydar was almost certain he’d be able to track their whole existence chain if he wanted to. The issue was that there were so many of them, and after his first contact with the web, it had been changed. New power structures were in place. Zeydar was not surprised by the numbers and changes. If the Aralax had been bidding their time reproducing for this night, and their all out attack, it was reasonable.

He knew that it did not take much time for their soldiers to reconnect, which made him believe that they had to have become far more practical in their soldiering or a new unit was formed, that could control higher numbers. The flying units were frustrating and faster than they should have been, but not all the units flew, which was to his benefit.

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30 Days Until Carnage And the Uncertain End (part 2) 

Heia clenched her arms beneath her nails. By Zeydar’s orders, the Superiors had succeeded and two of the failing nine Tower had been evacuated in five hours. From what Heia understood, the teleportation circle acted as a continuous open gate. People stepped in and immediately stepped out in the either Ovaria or at the launch site. There was no waiting, only a continuous wave of people, as the mages worked their way through the Tower and got people out. Knowing that there was a chance they’d have to flee, people left quickly. They knew that the end was coming and most people had their things packed for weeks. When the mages and Superiors left the circle, it was disconnected and immediately the Superiors had to rest and replenish their reserves.

Kony explained that it would take a good amount of time for them to help themselves. The continuous use of the teleportation spell had drained them all substantially, and if they were going to attempt to get to the last three cities, they needed to take as much rest and nutrient supplements as they could. Karla and Kori had assisted Kony in handing out the supplements and magic supplements that were designed to assist in regaining and regathering magic. Most of the Superiors had turned to meditation to gather their magic back.

In those five hours, Zeydar had fought on his own to defend Avalonia. Heia had gotten quick glimpses at the feed, looking at the other Towers that were defending themselves from the natural disasters and the fighting. The Tower defenses had worked as they should, but even then a good number of the “okay” Towers, were looking as if they may begin to fail as well. It wasn’t as if they had under estimated the fighting or the natural disasters, but the attacks were working against the Towers. The attacks might end but the Natural disasters would not. Even if the Towers survived the night, there was a chance they would not survive another round of attacks.

Twilight was fast approaching Ovaria and there had already been two minor earth quakes.

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30 Days Until Carnage And the Uncertain End (part 1) 

Evester pushed Zeydar’s hair back with gel. He looked ferocious, dressed in all black and his defense vest already prepared. May spoke with Kim over their communicators, speaking about the three strong holds and the eighteen other Towers. The Towers had turned on their full defenses despite it still being the day. The natural disasters had already begun to shake the world, and most of the Towers that were near them were facing unprecedented dangers. Ovaria had been reinforced and the Tower defense linked to the wall that Zeydar had made. He’d done it in three hours where researchers and mages had been working on it for days — understandable since, Zeydar knew the defenses better than anyone.

The majority of the military was split between the other two strong holds, with units at the Towers and the smallest defense at Ovaria. Evester was mostly worried about the fight because there were even more people on the planet than predicted. Due to issues that Graceon had faced in space, many of the ships that should have sent people up, had never left. This meant that in order to avoid overfilling the strong holds, they had kept people in other locations. By the time they were able to send people up, the damage had been done.

Natural disasters, Aralax attack, panic? It could all be their downfall. There were twenty-one cities to protect, many of which, were in far worse states due to the natural disasters, than predicted. There was a possibility of nine of the Towers falling.

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