YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 49 (CHAPTER 309)

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Reunion (Part 3)

Zeydar stood shivering. He hadn’t slept in more than a day. His body felt reinforced by magic, but his mind ached. When was the last time he had pulled an all-nighter? Had he lost the talent? The single night of lack of sleep should have been nothing. All of the Igilistals, Layla, Uly, Andre, Shawn, May, Kony, and Zeydar stood waiting for the others. The planes had landed, but they had to get through security, and each moment was driving Zeydar nuts.

“Worried?” Shawn nudged him.

“Give him a break. He saved twenty other Towers.” May got between the two of them. She pulled Zeydar closer. He wanted to relax and sleep on her shoulder, but knew better than to do that. The moment he relaxed it was over, he’d sleep the rest of the day away.

“We can take you home to rest.” Kony reminded him from the other side. 

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YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 48 (CHAPTER 308)

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Reunion (part 2)

Evester looked back to the soldiers. Rayda continued to give them instructions on where to take all the people of the city. All of the cities had been cleared, but the soldiers needed to double check the safe houses, and to make sure that they got all people. No one could be left behind. Once it was done, then they would be able to leave. EverDanger, however, would leave before that.

“Its been a long night.” Karla yawned from next to Evester. 

“We can sleep on the plane,” Evester told her. He too was tired, but ancy. He wanted to get to Zeydar as much as he wanted to sleep. Getting back to Ovaria, however, took precedence.

“Are we going to be accosted when we land?”

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YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 47 (CHAPTER 307)

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Reunion (part 1)

Heia kept her head low as she rushed ahead with her units. Aralax fell around them as they pressed further. Once it had been reported to the military to take out specific targets, everything had begun to go all the more fluidly. The attacks were pointed. Aralax retreated. The battle turned in their favor.

When Heia saw the white striped Aralax, it was as if she saw the dawn for the first time in years. Cursing under her breath, she danced around Aralax as she made her way towards it. It turned towards her team, screaming at them. 

“I’ll kill you,” Heia said to herself as she ran. The Aralax continued to fight, surrounding them, before suddenly stopping. Every unit, stopped all at once. Heia found herself skidding to a halt before one. It stared at her with lifeless eyes. She had never been so close to an Aralax before to see anything, but its blood lust. However this one seemed like a doll to her. 

A doll that was moving on strings, jolting its body away and running away from her and her team. In fact all the Aralax were fleeing. The White Striped Aralax continued to scream.

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YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 46 (CHAPTER 306)

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51 Days Until Magic And the Uncertain End (part 6)  

Evester flipped between channels, listening to his team, and then Uly’s voice. He gave out commands, and issued reports to those who reported in. Everyone was working together to fight against the Aralax, and as much as Evester had faith in their survival, it was looking bleak. There were tens of cities under assault, with Aralax that were overwhelming their defenses.

Evester’s own city had already used the bombs and fences. They were keeping the breaking of the dam until the last minute, but Evester was not sure how much longer they could keep up with the constant assault. The’d need to release the waters and then shock all the Aralax soon, so that they could take out the survivors and clean the city of all dangers for the humans.

That time, however, was a few hours away. Instead of his own predicament, Evester watched streams and listened to the chats, panicking for the rest of the world. He watched his mother deliver information and lead the people of the Towers. He watched as Heia destroyed Aralax. He watched as the news from the other Towers came filtering in, with casualty and protection counts. 

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YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 45 (CHAPTER 305)

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51 Days Until Magic And the Uncertain End (part 5) 

Heia’s arms ached. Her legs felt like lead. Her breathing rasped against her throat scratching against it. She wanted nothing more than to sleep, and yet the Aralax continued to fight. Waves of magic fell atop the enemies followed by gun fire. For every one Aralax destroyed six more were in its place.

“Will the waves ever end?” Heia asked into the private connection. She was the only one in as Zeydar had gone dark an hour ago and Eveter was off with his own issues.

“These ones are easier to kill then before. I almost think they are a different breed, not as sentient.” Zeydar spoke up. She had not heard him connect back in. He sounded almost… elated? “I think… Hold on.” She listened as his connection beeped off and then waited on bated breath. 

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YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 44 (CHAPTER 304)

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51 Days Until Magic And the Uncertain End (part 4)  

The connection had gone mostly silent, other than the inconsistent jeers from Evester whenever he reconnected. They were consistently shut down my Heia who was flustered and frustrated. She and Evester kept switching in and out, giving out orders to the others. In those moments, Zedyar found silence to focus on himself.

Numbers and theories spun in his head. He knew that he could do the spells, felt it in his gut, but without the proper skill he’d never be able to complete the necessary adjustments with his magic to make it work.

May breathed heavily next to him. The night was clear, where they stood. There were stragglers around him, but most of the attacks had moved to the other side of the Tower. Zeydar could, in theory, teleport over there. However, he didn’t have the magic. He needed more, but his reserves were nearly depleted, even with his efficient attacks. He stared at his Staff, trying to figure out how to use it. What was he missing? How did it work differently?

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YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 43 (CHAPTER 303)

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51 Days Until Magic And the Uncertain End (part 3)  

The night began the moment that Karla called in the report of dusk, and the announcements in the city began to play.

“It is now sunset. All citizens please report to your approved locations. All people not in evacuation centers will be impossible to protect. I repeat. This is for your own safety.” 

Most people were already evacuated and safe. There were a few stragglers who had not made their way to the safe houses, and Evester could hear the reports of soldiers clearing sections of the city, in the final calls as they prepared for the attack. Evester glanced to the drones that were supervising the outside world. Heart pounding in his chest, Evester bit his bottom lip.

“What to do Cap’n?” Rayda sat next to Evester from where he sat atop a building. Evester clicked from the drones to the streaming sight, checking on every EverDanger in quick succession: just long enough to confirm that they were alive.

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YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 42 (CHAPTER 302)

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51 Days Until Magic And the Uncertain End (part 2) 

Heia took a breath before studying herself. Then once, more. One breath after another after another she centered herself. She was at the front lines of the largest civilization of people on the continent, as one of the most important teams. She watched the sky turn dark, and the sun disappear, and wanted to hold her breath but knew she could not.

“And we have sunset.” Kori announced over their connection.

“Kori keep the line clear.” Heia reminded her.

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YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 41 (CHAPTER 301)

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51 Days Until Magic And the Uncertain End (part 1)  

Zeydar took a deep breath, letting himself focus on the moment at hand. Before when he had fought the Aralax, he had thrown out everything he had without caring for the effects and cost. He had known then he had the power. Now he had to be precise. He could not waste the magic, when he was already limited. With the camera watching everything he did, he used the vocalization of the spells and  the waving of his Staff to slow him down. The Staff managed and lowered his output naturally. It was a limiter for him, rather than a focus for him. With it hindering him, however, he found himself more accurate than before. 

Zeydar fell hard into his training, wielding the magic that he had, to kill those before him with simple spells that did not take much from him. Calculations raced. Trajectory, spacing, momentum, physics, acceleration, numbers were made, calculations continued. He was able to determine the best path for each spell in seconds, along with the exact amount of magic needed and the Staff allowed him to slow down and think rather than to act on instinct.

In many ways he was doing better. In others, he was doing worse.

It was a game of endurance. With each spell he lost more magic, due to the inefficiency. With each action he had to analyze how to pull in more magic. Deep breaths, Zeydar centered himself, thinking of his childhood training in channeling magic. He thought of what he had taught Kony, in how to reach his magic. Childhood skills, guiding him in pulling in the magic around him. At first it was strained, but with each passing moment, he was learning to pull it in faster. 

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YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 40 (CHAPTER 300)

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52 Days Until Unity And the Uncertain End (part 4)

Heia fiddled with her headset, checking once and then twice that everything was working. She flipped about the channels listening for a bit as Uly gave out instructions. Her eyes glanced to the stream site that Uly had set up for the fights, specifically. Unlike the coordinated single stream, or the edits that they had given, Uly had set up a continuous streaming site, so that people could watch as many as they wanted at once. They’d be able to flip through different channels for the different EverDanger members, or the ones dedicated to switching between footage from all those on a single team. She was not sure who was creating subtitles for it all, but they were there. Nor did she know who was coordinating the shot switches on the team pages, but someone was. Most cameras were down, and Uly’s page had prerecorded footage of orders.

In a way it was scripted. In a way it was real. Her screen was black, waiting for her to turn it on and show the true bloody carnage that was about to happen. 

“There is a five minute delay, in the event of censoring the dead.” Kim wrapped her arms around Heia. “Worried?”

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