Marlena Marie is an author, student, book reviewer, and blogger.

Currently, these services are all free. In the event that I get overwhelmed, I may have to change things. I don’t wish to, but I will do what I must to keep my sanity lol.


Doing a digital book tour? Want someone to review your book? You’ve come to the right place!

Book Reviews

I highly recommend looking at the way I do reviews before you ask me to do one. I do not do book reviews in the traditional manner (while I can I do not prefer it) and instead do them in a highly personalized way. I talk about what I like, what I would have liked, and give full synopsis of the books. For more information on that please click here.

Blog Interviews

This is one of my newer services, dedicated to interviewing authors about their books. As compared to the video interviews, these blog style would be a questionnaire. I will send you the questionnaire and then you can send it back to me with the answers and I will post it (and link to your social media pages). For more information please click here.

Video Interviews

Additionally, as one of my newer services, this process is a bit more difficult than the blog interview. The intention is to do a short (30min) interview about you and your book. I will then post these to my YouTube. Hopefully, I’ll be able to expand this to short reels on Instagram and TikToks. For more information please click here.

Before you decide to make a request of me, please continue with the following:

Book Preferences

While I will read most novels that are fantasy or science-fiction adjacent, there are a few things that I will need to make clear.


I will read contemporary novels but I am not as well versed in them. I would not recommend myself to be your go to for these genres.

AGES: YA, NA, Adult

Note that I am not as inclined to read YA as I used to. I will still read the novels, but I find myself a bit more critical of them than I used to be.


Hard Fantasy

Soft Sci-Fi/Sci-Fantasy


Minority focused narratives

Self Published

Indie Presses

Large Traditional Presses (But note I will be more particular)

Physical Copies (If I have the book in my hand,
I am far more likely to read it)

Digital Copies

Content Warnings


Urban Fantasy (Most books that take place in our world are a hit or miss for me; so if you are okay with a review that might not end up favorable, then that’s fine. Just keep it in mind)

Hard Science-Fiction. (I love hard science-fiction, truly, however I find it difficult to review the books)

Erotica/Spice Fantasy/Sci-Fi (This is a, I gotta be in a very specific mood to read these novels. I also need to know what I’m getting into. I like, all smut no plot stories, sometimes, but I do need to know what I’m getting into)

Horror (I actually love a good horror novel, but like Erotica, I have to be in a very specific headspace to read them. Lol I don’t want to scare myself too often.)


Once you have reviewed all the information and believe that you are a great fit for me, please contact me with the following:
1. Your Name
2. Title of Work
3. A brief summary (think blurb, or what you’d give in a query letter. I don’t need a lot)
4. Publication Method (Indie Press, Larger Press, Hybrid Model, Self Published)
5. Content Warnings
6. Service you’d like (Book Review, Blog Interview, or Video Interview, or all three)
7. Estimated due dates (aka when you are going to need everything out by for marketing purposes.)

I will get back to you on if I think I’ll be able to read the book in time to get to your request AND if I think the book will be a good fit for me. From there I will instruct you from there. Note that Physical copies of the books are not required. But I do like having them lol. Digital copies will work just fine.