Book Review Information

Welcome to my reviews subpage! It is here you will find information on my review process and the likes. To begin with it would be awesome if you read this here.

If not. tldr; I read fast, and thus I review fast. I have a set review system instead of writing eloquent essays. (Most turn into long essays when I get really winded about the book.)

Average Times:

Children’s Novel: 30min to 1hr

YA Novel: 1hr to 3hrs — Averaging closer to 1.5hrs to 2hrs.

I’m not speeding through these to race anyone; I’m just keeping track so I know for myself how long it truly takes me to read books of a certain type. Plus I’d like to know my reading speed.

Rating System:

5/5 = Awesome!

If I could only take a certain number of books with me from my library, this would be in that list. These are the books that might end up on my recommended books list. These are the books I know are completely within my tastes. The difference between a “solid five” and a “five” would be if I would recommend them, and if they end up on my list. These would the books that could score a 6/5 if I could do it.

4/5 = Great!

These are books that I would still recommend to others depending on what I know about their tastes. There were a few things that bothered me and in general I would  probably still remember very well.

3/5 = Good

This is my middle ground. The book wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t for me. I see the charm within it. I know others may adore it.

2/5 = Fair

This book was “meh” but I figured saying, “meh” isn’t exactly nice. It wasn’t bad per say, but it wasn’t good either. It is safe to say I was certainly not the target audience and I have no clue who is.

1/5 = Bad

In my personal opinion, this book was bad. It was not something I hated reading, but it wasn’t good. There were too many things about this book that turned me away.

0/5 = Don’t Waste Your Time

These are books I forced myself through, because I would not be able to sleep if I knew I dropped a book. I know many people will just say drop the book, but I like to know the whole story before I voice my opinion. These are the books I wish I could get my time back for reading.