Book Review Information

General Information

Reading Speed

I read quickly, usually cover to cover in a single sitting. There are exceptions to this namely Epic Fantasy or Epic Sci-Fi, where the total page count exceeds 400. Anything, in general, that usually exceeds 400 pages, I will consider reading in more than one sitting.

If this makes you uncomfortable, I’m sorry. I know how much work goes into writing a novel. Trust me I do. I also know myself. I read quick, and slowing myself down actually makes me less inclined to read a book. I used to list the times for how long a book took me to read, but at the current time, I do not.

In general these are my average reading speeds:

  • 1 to 2 hours for a book of poetry, depending on the poetry
  • 1 to 4 hours for a play, depending on the play and its complexity.
  • 1 hour for roughly every 100 pages (YA and NA and most Adult fantasy)

While I no longer add in my reading speeds, I do want to be completely transparent in this regard. If you are requesting a book review from me, and you are uncertain on if I’ll finish it in time for your marketing plan, there is a high chance I will (unless I am swamped with work).


I usually read fantasy and sci-fi. This does not mean I am closed to other genres, but I don’t usually have as great of a reference point for them. I will be open to reading them, but in general I would not recommend myself. When it comes to Fantasy/Sci-Fi erotica/spice and horror, I do like them but I have to be in a specific mind set.


All of my reviews are based on my thoughts and feelings. They are very subjective and I do not play as if they are anything else. If I have messed up and said something that is problematic, call it out and I will fix it. I’m not perfect. I mess up sometimes and that’s okay, but just know that ultimately I am trying to be kind, and I would appreciate it if others were the same.


I do not DNF. I would rather finish a book all the way through than DNF. I think that, since I read so fast to begin with, this is reasonable. Other than the fact that I am strange and the idea of not finishing a book makes me physically sick, the amount of time wasted on books I do not like is negligible. You will not catch me DNFing a book, except in very extreme situations, in which case… I will not even mention it.


My reviews will not be overly elaborate. I don’t feel that I can write beautiful and eloquent essays about every single book that I read, in part because I read so much and in part because it is difficult. Instead I’ll write it with a sort of format.

  • Customary warning and all tags for the books
  • Name, Author (Obviously) and a picture of the book cover
  • The Blurb of the book
  • My Synopsis
  • Initial thoughts before reading
  • Initial thoughts after reading
  • What I liked
  • What I would have liked or changed
  • Why you should read
  • Rating scale on a ?/5 rating
  • Notable Quotes

My Synopsis

I will write, usually either extensive or short synopsis of the books. No two synopsis are equal, however I have found that in recent years I am more elaborate with them. I do this as a way to, not exactly spoil, but make the following readers aware of what they will be reading (and to answer questions on what happened for those who do not finish). These can not be considered 100% accurate. I usually write them after the fact of reading, and thus there are parts that might be out of order. I apologize in advance.

Would Have Liked And/Or Changes

DO NOT take these literally. This is where my personal preference will come out more. While, I might have genuine criticism in this section, most of the time it is me complaining that I didn’t get more world building. I love world building. I always want more. That does not mean that you need to add more, this is a personal preference for what I like to know. In most cases when its not world building it’s pretty much is just me wishing for things (like the happiness of the characters after they’ve been put through suffering). This is a purely subjective section, most of the time.

Rating System:

6/5 = My Favorites

If I could only take a certain number of books with me from my library, this would be in that list. My absolute favorites, and honestly I don’t give out this rating pretty much ever.

5/5 = Awesome!

I loved this book. It was amazing in so many ways! These are the books that might end up on my recommended books list. These are the books I know are completely within my tastes.

4/5 = Great!

These are books that I would still recommend to others depending on what I know about their tastes. There were a few things that bothered me and in general I would  probably still remember very well.

3/5 = Good

This is my middle ground. The book wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t for me. I see the charm within it. I know others may adore it.

2/5 = Fair

This book was “meh” but I figured saying, “meh” isn’t exactly nice. It wasn’t bad per-say, but it wasn’t good either. It is safe to say I was certainly not the target audience.

1/5 = Bad

In my personal opinion, this book was bad. It was not something I hated reading, but it wasn’t good. There were too many things about this book that turned me away.

0/5 = Don’t Waste Your Time

These are books I forced myself through, because I would not be able to sleep if I knew I dropped a book. I know many people will just say drop the book, but I like to know the whole story before I voice my opinion. These are the books I wish I could get my time back for reading.

Additional Notes

.5 ratings. If you see a 4.5 or a 3.5, this means that the book lands somewhere between the two ratings for me OR It was almost the higher number but didn’t quite make it. This usually happens for 4s that were almost 5s.

My average rating is a: 4.

If a book is a 0/5 for me, I WILL NOT do a review for it.