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33 Days Until Fear And the Uncertain End   

Heia sat looking through all the records of the new inhabitants and the status of the makeshift cities outside of the inner Tower. The issue with the surrounding the Tower with another city was that it rendered the Tower’s defenses unusable. Micha Rayblay was working around the clock to change the direction and link the defenses to the new wall that Zeydar had made. From what Heia knew, there was little progress as Zeydar had not assisted with any of it. The mage scholars were busting their asses to try to figure out a solution since Zeydar apparently said it was an easy fix. They’d yet to find one.

“People are furious.” Kim laughed collapsing beside her. “Houses here in the city are packed, but for Circles to have to live on the ground instead of in the Tower?” 

Heia found it humorous that the Circles were willing to even live in the Tower to begin with. Their clouds had been destroyed, and the few Towers and Cloudcities that had been fully evacuated had been destroyed by Zeydar for parts. There was nowhere else to go, and from what Heia last heard, the Superiors were moving even more people out of the Towers and cities to assist with evacuation. They would be able to get the thirty-nine cities down to twenty-one, but it would be tight packed and insufferable.

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35 Days Until Protection And the Uncertain End   

Zeydar stood wiping the sweat from his face, as he watched the towering wall solidify and cool. A few more hours of work and he’d be able to make his double checks on all the walls and begin working on the third level of reinforcement. Signaling to the Superiors with him to take a break, they dispersed in seconds. They hated being around him and the feeling was mutual. The moment they were gone, Zeydar started calculating the amount of metal needed, magic, and where he’d get the parts.

Perhaps it would be better to use mass teleportation to assist with the evacuations of the two towers that were being discarded for the launch site and the X city Avalain. He could use their metal, specifically because it had not been wrecked in natural disasters, and it would work well for the third level reinforcement. It would, however, be more difficult to dissemble. Well… he could destroy it himself, but he wanted to save his magic for other necessary evacuations, in the event that things got behind. He also could use the Superior safety measures meant for destroying the Tower.

It seemed like a more viable option.

“How’s it going?” Someone call out to him.

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36 Days Until Bygones And the Uncertain End 

Evester’s body still had lingering aches and if it weren’t for the fact that Zeydar had other things to do, Evester would have wanted to lay in bed all day. Zeydar, however, had coaxed Evester out of bed. Evester knew that Zeydar was still worried about him — granted Evester was worried about himself after what the Stars had done, but he trusted Zeydar when Zeydar said that the residual magic and drugs were gone — and thus Evester had gotten up. Evester was mostly worried about Zeydar who had gotten into contact with whiteshade again — albeit against his will. Doctors had checked him and said he was clean, but Shawn and Phil had doubled down on their efforts to watch Zeydar when Evester could not.

Evester would never forgive Superior Anthony for the near lapse that the man had fully intended. Unfortunately, his mother was in charge of Superior Anthony and Evester was placed with Endwin, Andre, and Graceon reviewing information for the supposed end battle in six days. Maverin had been raving that as long as the unpredictable variable worked in their favor that it would be the end of their fighting — not that he knew what the variable was. He was however certain that the variable would work in their favor.

Evester never understood his father.

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37 Days Until Certainty And the Uncertain End 

Heia walked with Kim and May through the Mages who were training, based on what Heia had taught months ago. Hundreds of mages had gathered. All Mages who were capable, three stars or above, learned the techniques as those with magic below were being tasked with aiding the reinforcements of the three strong holds. Thousands of stars had been dropped from their studies and forced into the battle within three days. 

There were those giving their magic, when necessary, to assist with the teleportation of civilians to the cities, and others who were helping with making new walls outside of the Ovaria, Avalain, and the launch site. Those nelow rank three were helping with the creation of homes for the displaced civilians, and helping with registration. The mages were helping in full, for the first time ever.

Heia heard whispers in passing of those who knew of Zeydar taking over as the Patriarch. There were those who were disgruntled by the news, but most did not react. Superiors had moved all the texts of their physical libraries into crates. The halls were emptied and held for supplies from the other cities, for food and the likes. People were moving at all times to assist, and no one was able to be lazy.

“They look angry.” Kim laughed.

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38 Days Until Sentimentality And the Uncertain End (part 2)

Zeydar sat amongst the group, looking over the plans and the maps that Uly had made. He then looked at the reports that Maverin had given him. There was a note from Maverin in them that said he needed to read them all. They were his detailed notes on the Aralax, their bodies, and their social structure. As the others talked, Zeydar read quickly, placing it all into his memory. 

“We will see the attacks in all these places.” Uly explained against the holograms.

“We must evacuate these Towers in full.” Maverin pointed to Towers and then to LowerLand cities. “And these cities.”

“I have applied the evacuation numbers, now that we have started evacuations early, things have changed.” Uly then changed the hologram. “If we can do it in time, these will be the twenty-one x cities and eighteen towers left we will have to defend. It will be tight.”

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38 Days Until Sentimentality And the Uncertain End (part 1)

Evester rested his chin in the crook of his arm, staring at Zeydar’s sleeping face. Zeydar’s eyes fluttered, and he sighed deeply to himself. Evester never wanted to forget his face. He knew that he had trusted Zeydar but the fear had almost consumed him, thinking that the plan had failed.

“Why are you watching me?” Zeydar asked, his voice low and broken up by the sound of sleep and disuse. When Zeydar opened up his eyes, Evester saw the sleep leave them. Zeydar reached to Evester, placing his hand behind Evester’s neck. “Are you still angry?”

“I am not.” Evester had not been angry since Zeydar had explained what had happened. Zeydar had doubted himself, given in, and he himself was not sure if that were the different types of whiteshade or his own mentality breaking. Hearing about how they had almost broken Zeydar completely, made Evester realize just how much his words had helped. He could not be angry. Just as he knew that Zeydar was not angry about the secrets that Evester had exposed.

Even then, the pain had not subsided.

“Thirty eight days.” Evester said burying his head against Zeydar’s shoulder. Zeydar began to rub soothing circles on his back again.

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39 Days Until Renewal And the Uncertain End (part 3)

Heia gaped at her brother who hurried to stay aside next to Phil who had taken a seat. There was a sharp snap of electricity in the room before the figures of five individuals appeared in the center of the room. Shawn and May held a man down on his knees. He was old, and worn, aged more than Heia had seen him last. By Zeydar’s side was Majorie. She stood with her hands behind her back, in handcuffs.

“Estashia, I give you the man and woman who kidnapped Evester and Heia.”

His deep voice rang out and was punctuated by the sound of a falling bowl as Evester leapt up and nearly tackled Zeydar to the ground. Evester hugged him and while Heia was not sure he was crying, she knew could see the fact that Zeydar was caught off guard by the action. 

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39 Days Until Renewal And the Uncertain End (part 2)

Evester woke to a dark room where everyone was asleep next to him. He stared at Heia who was hugged by Kim. It took a moment for him to register that he was being held as well. For a moment he traced the hand hoping that it was someone else.

“Are you awake?” Uly asked from behind him.

Evester’s eyes immediately watered and he turned over to face Uly. “No word?”

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39 Days Until Renewal And the Uncertain End (part 1)

Heia wrapped herself in the blanket tighter, leaning against Kim as she watched the others who hovered around her and Evester. Evester was out cold on the flood, covered by blankets, with Uly at his side. They had sedated him hours ago when he had threatened to get back to the Star campus. Shawn, Phil, Kony, May, Zeydar none of them had returned. Europa hovered in the doorway, speaking to Rayda and Layla. Andre sat at the table with Endwin reworking plans if Zeydar had failed. Estashia was off somewhere in the house discussing with the council members as Maverin worked on the planet predictions for Uly, who was supporting Evester.

The Star betrayal had arrived.

Crass held Karla and Kori who had cried themselves to sleep at the news that there was a chance that Kony was controlled by the Stars. Onyx and Lynx walked around the room giving people food and drinks. The ballroom had been changed into their place of operations since Heia and Evester had been captured. Now that they had returned, no one wanted to let them out of their sight. Robee gave Heia a hot water bottle as Trace spoke soft to Uly.

Heia watched as Uly placed his hand on Evester’s back protectively.

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40 Days Until Retribution And the Uncertain End (part 5)

Zeydar looked at the teacup in his hands. Every time he had ever taken the drug, it had dulled his mind, taking away the pain. It was like a lullaby whisking him away into happiness. But not always. Sometimes it was terror. He’d learned to change the dreams and now looking at the tea, smelling it, he craved it.


For days he had lived a life without the pain, able to circulate his magic in full without having to have it eating at him. He had learned what it felt like not to be burned with each breath. He had seen what his full power could do. He had learned to control himself. Although holding the tea in his hands, made his body crave it. He had found that he was worth something and that his magic was needed. He had learned to like himself. Perhaps even love himself, one day. Looking at the tea, he was filled with desire but so much rage that it made him take a deep breath.

He looked once more around the room.

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