YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 113 (CHAPTER 260)

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Rewriting (part 3)

Unlike the previous meetings Zeydar had attended that year, this was not a dinner, nor a schooling and progress meeting. He would not stand before the enclave to defend his right to exist. Instead he was to be a part of the general meeting to discuss and debate. It had been a long time since he had joined one. He knew they had been doing them behind his back, giving him wrong times. He had, however, staked out the council room and had laced it with magic to alert him to their movement. This time he would not miss it. When he had shown up he had seen the way that they had all looked at him, and from the look of it the entirety of the Superiors from all other towers were being summoned in through video calls.

Zeydar sat in his seat ready. Breath in, breath out, his head was clear that night. It was not filled with the shakes and the hallucinations that sometimes came at night as side effects of being off Dreams. No, this night he was in the clear and his magic was not biting at him. It was swelling and filling him, leaving him feeling warm but not burning.

He could read the magic signatures and tethers to the tab that connected to all the Superiors in the room, and to all of the Superiors who were not. The tab had to be held in order for it to control the Superiors. Superior Anthony had it on him at all times. Should he break his connection to it? He had asked himself a hundred times if it were even possible, and now, staring at it, he was certain he could do it right now with a simple breath. He could do it without alerting anyone else. He could do it without them knowing he was tampering with it.

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YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 112 (CHAPTER 259)

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Rewriting (part 2) 

Evester and Uly stared at each other as the plan was refueled. The other scientists were already loaded onto the plane but Uly was not alone in waiting. Maverin watched as the Yasloughve Project information was added to the plane and all of their computers were as well. Maverin was able to access the program from anywhere, as the lead on the project, but he wanted to make sure that other things were not ruined in their move. Some of which were Evester’s paintings.

Everyone was getting evacuated from the facility. Uly, Maverin, and the scientists would go to Ovaria. Evester and the others were going to go around city to city helping with evacuations and protection as necessary. Uly still did not approve of Evester’s plan. He knew it was necessary but Evester wondered if Uly had expected himself to go with Evester on this stage.

“You just returned.” Uly glared at Evester.

“We did.”

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YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 111 (CHAPTER 258)

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Rewriting (part 1)   

Heia stood before her unit. They stood with their groups, hand picked to form the best compatibility. Most of the faces that watched her were disgruntled but accepting of their arrangement. Heia almost had confidence in them. Almost.

“We will face war sooner than later.” She warned them. “We must show the world what to do.” She waited for their agreement before she went on. “First teams go.” And the training simulation began. 

The units were fighting against each other and against the obstacle course, trying to make sure that they could fight as a proper unit. They practiced with both attacks and dodging, maneuvering the difficult terrain. Three teams fought against one as the additional team Mages acted as support to make the terrain more difficult.

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YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 110 (CHAPTER 257)

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69 Days Until Speeches And the Uncertain End (part 3) 

Evester looked to Heia who was still glaring at him.

“Don’t get lost.” Heia warned him. He had told her about the plane and she did not approve of it. He could already see that in the way she was standing.

“The plane will get us back.” Evester tried to lighten the mood.

“Don’t die.” She hissed.

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YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 109 (CHAPTER 256)

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69 Days Days Until Speeches And the Uncertain End (part 2)

Zeydar searched for Endwin. He had left almost ten minutes ago and had not returned. Zeydar knew that he had been asked to show, for the sole purpose of trying to help Endwin. However, Zeydar was alone and he did not like it. His mind was beginning to spin. As he tapped his fingers against his sleeves, all he could think of was turning everything off. Kony had not come due to studies. Shawn was not allowed to show. Phil had not gone because he was assisting Estashia.

May had left to the Xs at his behest, although she had disappeared with little more than a letter saying she would do as he asked. He was still a bit spiteful at her act. He was happy she listened, but frustrated that she up and disappeared without saying goodbye first. Granted he had been focused on the fight for Kony and getting Kony’s training up to par.

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YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 108 (CHAPTER 255)

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69 Days Until Speeches And the Uncertain End (part 1)

Evester stood starring down from the second floor at the sleeping shelter. Thousands had been displaced and housed in the warehouse and retrofitted cities. The military was sent out to protect the locations, but these were not their homes. They were surviving but not thriving. Most of them worked at the factories for the space ships, assisting with the loading of the ships that were being sent to space with materials and items. The first set of workers had gone up, a unit comprised of Circles that Estashia had approved. They were supposed to be loading the ships in space with all that was sent up. More was being delivered to the launch stations each day. Food, art, books, supplies for a new world.

The X’s assisted with it all, along with some Circles and a few Stars who were a part of the military. Most of the work was done by the Xs. With the promise that they would be the first ones off the planet, they were working to assist in any means necessary. The workers, however, were not in the living quarters at this time. It was their families who could not work, the injured, young, old, ill, or pregnant. They were doing their best to make sure that the living quarters did not become diseased festering grounds, and were working to support each other despite not fully knowing their new neighbors.

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YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 107 (CHAPTER 254)

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70 Days Until Spinning And the Uncertain End 

Heia sat in the inner room of their training grounds starring out the window to the training grounds. She spun her pen in her hands, keeping her mind almost focused, but thoroughly distracted. She saw Evester, Crass, and May talking with each other and then giving orders to the soldiers who were working in their units disgruntled but more effective than before. Kori clung to Karla who was trying to assist. Karla continued to shove Kori off but Kori reattached to her as if Karla was a magnet. Heia thought it charming that her sister was so attached, but Karla seemed to only have a distaste for it. In that, Heia knew that Kori needed to grow up a bit. Karla and Kony would not be the same people she once knew.

“Why are you here?” Kim asked sitting on the table. Heia had not heard her enter. Kim was dressed in a military uniform with her hair tied up in a high ponytail. She reached for the papers that Heia had ignored for the better half of the hour. She flipped through them.

“Speech. Going over it for Evester.” Heia answered. He had given her the papers and told her to read over it. She knew that her presence was not missed from the training grounds. Her job had never been expert training. She also, was no good at speeches.

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YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 106 (CHAPTER 253)

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72 Days Until Brilliance And the Uncertain End (part 4)

Evester stepped off the plane squinting as he looked up towards the sky and sun. It took him a moment to register his surroundings. Then he saw Heia standing next to the Prime Minister, Alan Penn. Heia looked good. She stood sturdy, watching him, smile growing on her face as they starred down each other.

“Heia!” Karla cried out, racing towards her sister. Karla jumped in Heia’s arms, and Heia spun them around. Alan Penn stepped away, as to not be hit. Evester saw the slightest smirk on Heia’s lip as she forced him to flee. Crass and Evester stepped up to Heia as soon as Heia stopped spinning.

“Karla.” Heia hugged Karla, looking to Evester with sleep deprived eyes. “You look good.”

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YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 105 (CHAPTER 252)

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72 Days Until Brilliance And the Uncertain End (part 3) 

Zeydar stood with his arms crossed and impressed. Kony was toying with the three. It had taken a moment for him to get into the rhythm but once he realized he held the upper hand, he slipped into his fight cadence. He moved in a way that made it seem like he was struggling, or at least that was what Zeydar hoped. He hoped he had not put too much faith in Kony. He reminded himself of his practices with Kony and the times Kony had fought Aralax. The movements were no the same, as those had been actual threats. However the cadence was. Kony was better than he was showing off. Zeydar wondered if Kony was trying to predict his timing to their attacks, searching for their openings, using as little magic as he could so that he could be ready. He seemed focused, intense. His lips did not move, but Zeydar knew Kony was watching.

“Why isn’t he attacking?” Superior Jasper asked Zeydar.

“Why would I know?” Zeydar watched Kony who was being battered by the spells, with only his wind defense to protect him. He had let some of the attacks get through. The match was until a yield and Kony was trying to make it so that they believed they were winning. Just how much better was Kony than them? Zeydar knew Kony was good, he had full faith in that, but watching the match made Zeydar double guess his own student. It was then that the first attack by Kony occurred. He redirected the fire aimed at him, towards another student. Kony backed up, and at once Zeydar understood what Kony was doing. It made him laugh a bit. 

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